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QOTD: Yea or Nay to a Blazer Name Game?

Image: GM

It seems there were no necessity of comments left on a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer story after it went adult final night. Sorry for gripping we all up, feverishly pulsation those keys. But could there not be? The preference to revive a sincerely fondly remembered name and request it to a less-rugged car was firm to hint controversy. Twitter, that citadel of right-thinking prohibited takes, was aflame.

You can’t always get what we want, some competence say. The center belligerent in Chevy’s crossover space is too remunerative to margin anything other than what we got. Sure, a indication isn’t what us die-hards hoped for, they’d say, yet a two-door, body-on-frame SUV only doesn’t fly, and a growth costs and ensuing MSRP would place it outward a hole Chevy dictated to fill.

Screw that, others competence say. Ever listened of a Bronco? No one shoved a .38 in a tiny of Chevy’s back, forcing it to dirt off a Blazer name for this sold model.

Amazingly, generally given my very GM-centric upbringing, we have no knowledge with a Blazer, yet we have spent time in a first-generation Jimmy (front-mounted spare, white Tremclad bumpers) and an Envoy. For a initial indication especially, “indestructable” is a word that initial comes to mind.

Heritage binds weight, so it’s small consternation Chevy motionless to go with a nameplate that carries poignant name recognition. For a same reason, it’s no consternation since many are upset. By job this midsize, unibody crossover a Blazer, GM done it transparent we’re not going to see a latter-day reconstruction of a BOF ute in showrooms anytime soon, if ever. Ford went in a opposite instruction when it opted to lapse a Bronco name on a 2020 BOF SUV (we’re waiting, with bated breath, to see only how true this indication indeed is).

If there’s no devise to ever fill that same SUV space again, since not make use of accessible ancestral names? Something new doesn’t erase a past, it only clouds a memory. And sales sojourn unblushing by difference (unless those difference are “recall,” “unreliable,” and “explosion”). Plenty of shoppers are firm to like what they see in a new Blazer, and they won’t galloping into a salon simply since of a returning nameplate.

On a same note, a chairman with positively no enterprise to ever possess a midsize crossover will continue gripping his or her stretch from midsize crossovers. Advantage: GM.

So, how about it? Do we still feel stung, or have we gotten over it already? Or do we caring during all what GM does with a name like Blazer?

[Image: General Motors]

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