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QOTD: What Was Your Most Memorable Test Drive?

Image: Hemmings

Having been on a few trips to a play lately, this doubt comes naturally. Well, not since any good thrills arose from my revisit to a internal Hyundai retailer, though comparison memories are mostly jarred lax by paltry experiences.

The play knowledge isn’t routinely one that inspires an upturning of a corners of your mouth. Frankly, if we never had to travel into one again, I’d be a happy man. But fun — and apprehension — can be found in many places. Good or bad, what play exam expostulate memory stands out in your mind?

For my dad, it was a careful automobile that scarcely killed him. Having usually landed a job, father headed on down to a internal Volkswagen play to see if this petite small automobile he’d seen in ads was indeed value driving. Maybe long-haired flower energy resided in a small engine cell (it was 1968).

The exam expostulate went well, we remember him saying, until he approached a stop pointer located immediately after a pointy small turn. A hook, really. Coming adult to a stop pointer underneath assuage braking (or so he claimed), a VW carried a middle back circle to such heights, puncture countersteering was compulsory to forestall a rollover. The Beetle was returned to a play unscathed, and a unnerving part compelled my father to conduct to a Ford lot in hunt of a Falcon.

For me, a many joyous exam expostulate memory originated during a wide used automobile lot in my final year of high school.

Up here in Canuckistan, there once existed a bizarre entity: Grade 13. No longer in existence, this class saw students attend maybe half a day’s value of (essentially useless) classes, interspersed with stretches of boredom. What to do? If we were like me and my friends, we went automobile shopping. Usually, $1,000 served as a cost ceiling.

This sold BHPH lot supposed society’s dregs. Rusty, beaten-up compacts, mostly, and a clever fortuitous of flaking midsizes with ambiguous headlight lenses (this was a spin of a century, mind you — a usually transparent headlights were of a hermetic lamp variety). It wasn’t these rolling pillars of sameness that tempted my small group, however — it was a discount groundwork land barges left over from brighter days, sitting abandoned and neglected in a distant corners of a lot. I’ll perpetually bewail blank out on that light blue Lincoln Mk. VI ($1,000 obo).

One day, a primitive ’89 Grand Marquis appeared, looking cool and aspirational with a turbine-style wheels, whitewall tires, and vinyl top. Inside, soothing blue benches beckoned. Bingo! To be honest, nothing of us indeed entertained a probability of shopping it, though who’s going to spin down a possibility to live out their biggest automobile follow fantasy? And so, grandma’s aged automobile got a examination of a life. The aged Merc’s 302 V8, floaty suspension, and over-assisted steering worked usually as expected. Wider grins were never seen.

So what’s your best exam expostulate memory? New or used, frustrating or uplifting — certainly we have a story. Let us know in a comments.

[Image: Hemmings]

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