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Porsche Will Keep a 911 GT3 Naturally Aspirated for ‘as Long as We Can’

In response to prior reports to a contrary, a Porsche exec has oral adult and reassured us that a company’s dear 911 GT3 will indeed keep a naturally-aspirated, manually-shifted flame going for during slightest a foreseeable future. 

Speaking to Australia’s Drive (no relation), Porsche GT motorsport trainer Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser refuted prior media reports of a next-generation “992” GT3 going turbocharged and PDK-only. “A routinely aspirated engine still fits a sports car,” Walliser told Drive. “You can't grasp a same with a turbocharged engine.”

Walliser combined that a industry-wide change towards forced initiation “is especially driven by emissions regulations” and that special Porsches like a GT3 will sojourn turbo-less for as prolonged as pronounced regulations will allow. “The aberration comes from a routinely aspirated engine,” pronounced Walliser said. “As prolonged as we can do it, we will do it.”

As for a primer transmission, an choice that returned to a 2018 indication year GT3 by renouned demand, it sounds like a three-pedal setup is here to stay with Walliser observant that it “matches really well” to a car’s high-revving, 4.0-liter flat-six. According to a motorsport head, half of all new GT3s sole in a U.S. (or a entertain of all GT3s sole anywhere) were manuals.

In an email to The Drive, a Porsche orator refused to criticism on Walliser’s statements.

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