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Porsche Taycan Is New Name for Mission E

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Porsche debuted a Mission E judgment some-more than dual years ago, though when a electric sports automobile goes into production, it will underline a opposite name. Today, Porsche suggested that name is Taycan, conspicuous “tie-con.”

Taycan translates roughly to “lively immature horse,” referencing a leaping steed in a Porsche crest. Explaining a new moniker, Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume pronounced in a statement, “Our new electric sports automobile is clever and dependable; it’s a automobile that can consistently cover prolonged distances and that epitomizes freedom.”

As we formerly reported, Porsche’s initial electric automobile will underline dual motors contributing to a complement outlay of some-more than 600 hp. Porsche claims a 0-60 time of “well underneath 3.5 seconds” and a operation of some-more than 300 miles formed on a New European Driving Cycle. Expect a Tesla-fighting Porsche Taycan to launch in 2019, followed by a Cross Turismo various not prolonged afterward.


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If you’re wondering how Porsche came adult with a names for a other cars, here’s a discerning rundown. The Boxster takes a name from Porsche’s fighter engine and a roadster design, while Cayman is subsequent from a South American invertebrate associated to a alligator. Macan is taken from a Indonesian word for tiger, while Cayenne denotes fieriness. Porsche named a Panamera after a Carrera Panamericana long-distance race. Finally, Porsche looked during Volkswagen’s operation of gangling partial numbers when fixing a 911.

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