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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid 2018 review

For a start, a Cayenne Hybrid doesn’t use utterly a same engine as a Panamera version. While a latter has a 2.9-litre turbo V6, a Cayenne has a 3.0-litre unit. So that’s good, right? Actually, not really.

The smaller engine’s reduced ability is a outcome of a larger, reinforced crankshaft that shortens a engine’s stroke, and we usually do that if we wish to put some-more energy by it, such as a 440bhp it has in a Panamera S. So there’s clearly a hotter Panamera hybrid on a way. 

The Cayenne has no such need so is denied a smaller, stronger engine. Still, a 3.0-litre section can beget 335bhp all by itself, to that a serve 134bhp of energy is combined from a electric engine – and that’s, indeed, matching to that used by a Panamera. Total complement power, therefore, amounts to 469bhp. Which sounds good until we realize that while Porsche is creation no central claims for this as-yet-unhomologated car, a hybrid complement in a Panamera adds 320kg to a weight of a customary automobile and there’s no good reason since a same (or similar) will not be loyal for a Cayenne.

The other disproportion is that while all Panameras have Porsche PDK double-clutch gearboxes, all Cayennes have compulsory eight-speed autos. This competence not sound too critical in a context of a hybrid but, as we found out in dual days of roaming around South Africa in one, it utterly demonstrably is.

I can’t tell we how discerning it is but, with almost some-more energy and torque than a aged Cayenne Hybrid, I’d theory a 0-62mph time of a small over five seconds and a tip speed of a small reduction than 160mph. So discerning enough, in other words. It should do around 25 miles on electrical energy alone – 5 litres fewer than a lighter, lower, some-more sleazy Panamera – and 84mph, rather than 87mph, on electricity alone.

But we notice a additional weight reduction in a Cayenne than in a Panamera; I theory since your energetic expectations are some-more medium for a oppulance SUV. What we notice distant some-more is how most smoother this powertrain is. All a joins between inner explosion and electrical energy are smoothed over by a ZF box in a approach a Panamera’s PDK can't manage.

The outcome is that a large off-roader indeed feels some-more worldly than a closest thing to a limo Porsche has ever built. The electric expostulate complement will also infer a bonus for those few owners who go off-roading, since there’s never been a some-more precise, simply regulated approach of determining a car’s speed to a fractions of a mile per hour compulsory for rock-hopping.

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