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Piston Slap: That Slow TSI Coolant Burn?

VW EA888 Engine exploded view, Image: VW

Jonathan writes:


Our 2016 Passat (turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder) appears to be losing coolant during a rate of a quart per year. We are pushing a automobile usually 5,500 miles per year in Chicago, so a coolant complement isn’t underneath a whole lot of loan many of a year. we don’t have any spots on a garage building underneath a engine, and a dealership checked for leaks and couldn’t find any.

The dealership did contend that turbo engines are approaching to eat some oil and coolant, and that there is zero to worry about. Is that unequivocally a thing? we am really skeptical, though we know really small about progressing engines with a turbo.

What contend you?

Sajeev answers:

As mentioned previously, many a complicated indent is cold with oil consumption. Perhaps tolerances on your turbo’s inner H2O cooling and oil cooling/lubrication-infused orientation are such that, in theory, a VW EA888 motor and a BorgWarner K03 turbo could bake coolant even during such a immature age. But there’s another reason why…

The EA888’s empty plural (that feeds a turbo) is inner to a engine!  More to a point, a engine’s coolant passages lizard around a empty plural runners, afterwards separate coolant in (and siphon it out) of a turbocharger. Engineering Explained covers this cooling complement (starting during 4:20), so we can extrapolate if/how this causes coolant loss.

Can this integrated empty manifolding meant coolant is underneath some-more heat/pressure to perform? And maybe does it climb past seals and bake adult during those stupidly quick and prohibited turbocharger bearings?

But we wouldn’t worry about this delayed TSI Coolant Burn, given there ain’t most we can do about it. Do whatever upkeep a owner’s primer says (or not). If your Passat consumes a quart of coolant monthly, if a guaranty expires, we am certain a rebuilt turbo (built in your specific housing) won’t be too unpleasant on a wallet, given there are standardised courage within that case. And mercifully, that TSI designed box isn’t that singular in VW Land.

What contend you, Best and Brightest?

[Image: Volkswagen]

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