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Piston Slap: Re-design This Golf R Interior!

2017 VW Golf R Interior, Image: VW

Ted writes:

Hi Sajeev,

I’m about to get a new Golf R and everybody complains about a tedious VW Golf pattern thingamajiggit. Yes. we find a tedious classical outward to be comforting. I’m in it for a longevity of a pattern and body, and wish to keep this until it dies or 10 years; we intend to ceramic cloak a Lápiz Blue. It’s a manual, of course, and when a purchase eventually dies we might reinstate with a worse chronicle and chip it.

What we don’t like, and a vital strike opposite a R in my mind, is that a interior is so dim as to make a interior fundamentally invisible.

The accents — china stitching that isn’t distinguished and will lifeless or fade, blue lighting accents that usually cocktail adult during night with a doors open — are too singular to make many of an impact. No sunroof in a Canadian R, that is fine by me, and it’s a Audi TFT digital dash, so, lots of lights.

However, how can we supplement an accent or dual to a inside that fits and doesn’t hurt a superb feel VW were going for? Does a china unequivocally work?

Should VW have left for this dark-leather look? I’m relocating adult from a cloth interior Mk VI. we wish there were a non-leather interior option.

How would we do a Golf R Interior Redesign?

Sajeev answers:

How we feel your pain…from a opposite angle!

My Lincoln Mark VIII LSC was attractive when new, as this cherry instance from a long-gone eBay auction shows. But like many German luxo-sleds with soft-touch plastics, time was not kind to a vinyl coating. It peeled and even checked.

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII interior, Image: eBay

My solution?

1995 Lincoln Mark VIII interior piano black accents, Image: Sajeev MehtaLoooong swaths of “Piano Black“: it suits my tastes, never blinded me around reflected sunlight, a newcomer airbag join stays unmolested, and chicks puncture it too. (If that matters) 

So here’s my plan: embankment Golf R’s batch Piano Black and confederate a Lápiz Blue exterior.  Either paint inside or try hydro dipping.* The blue embellished trim is understated(ish) while hydro dipping gives room for creativity. But don’t go nuts with feign CO fiber, zebra timber grain, etc. we quickly considered brushed aluminum dip, should you?

Never saying a Golf R in a flesh, I’m adhering my neck out to consider portrayal interior panels in Lápiz Blue (with acres of transparent coat) kinda like an E39 M5’s sport interior. (Except some-more understated than that Bimmer.) Paint (and prep for ideal flatness) all this blue:

  • Everything now Piano Black, including a steering circle spoke’s fringe trim
  • The top doorway row trim x 4  (the chunk around a doorway handle)
  • The china ends of any doorway panel’s squeeze hoop x4
  • The headlight switch bezel
  • The prolonged frame on a newcomer dashboard
  • The beyond console doorway and bezel
  • The behind half of a console (currently prosaic black)
  • Dye a seats/wheel stitches dark blue (yes, that things works)

And if this speaks to you, run harder around stealing a soothing vinyl (leather?) from any door, mislay a core sections of any chair and tack in something blue plaid instead. we mean, ceramic cloaking a extraneous ain’t inexpensive to start.

If Singer creates a many fascinating retromobiles, if Jack Baruth did a correct Lime Green Audi S5, what’s interlude we from a best GTI-homage interior? 

*There are a ton of vinyl wraps that accomplish a same thing as hydro dipping, adding an component of hardness not differently possible. Consider it, hopefully they final longer than a bureau things we spent large $$$ removing.

[Image: Volkswagen, eBay, Sajeev Mehta]

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