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Piston Slap: Blinded by a Light or BGE Clarity? (Part II)

TTAC Commentator Sam Hell Jr writes:

A few questions in follow-up to a contention of blind-spots and glare… we expostulate a current-gen Malibu and live in a sincerely well-heeled suburb on a corner of farmland, so a lot of my miles are entrance on dark roads surrounded by extra-tall SUVs and and extra-legally bright pickups. (With special admiration for a tailgating carried Ram motorist who, on saying me adjust my rearview counterpart to equivocate his aftermarket LED glare, flipped on a high-beams. Boo this man!)

The Malibu’s left sideview counterpart composition is sincerely limited, definition I’ve still got to check over my shoulder around a driver-side B-pillar before changing lanes, even with a counterpart during a widest angle.

  • I’m meditative about installing one of those fisheye mirrors, though doesn’t a fisheye mirror’s figure fundamentally pledge that I’ll be blinded by brodozers irrespective of my side-view counterpart position?
  • Also, we mentioned a probability of a light rear-windshield stain to fight headlight glare, is there a disproportion in tints if a priority is night prominence and glisten reduction? Some object shading would be welcome, since we do spasmodic expostulate in my glasses, though that would be a obtuse priority.
  • The Malibu’s auto-dimming rearview counterpart already needs a satisfactory volume of visual prodding before it engages. Would tinting a windows block a rearview mirror’s light sensor?
  • I live in Ohio and use a back defroster an awful lot. Is that something to take into comment when selecting a tint?
  • Last one’s addressed to Sanjeev: for a subsequent time that Ram pulls adult behind me, your thoughts on installing a powered rear-facing counterpart styled after a bullet-proof defense on a Goldfinger DB5?

Sajeev answers:

Sorry to hear your Malibu’s counterpart isn’t Blindspot Glare Elimination (BGE) savvy! Window tinting is roughly imperative in my partial of a country, so maybe we can produce this one out quickly:

  • My singular knowledge with fish eye mirrors is they’re tiny adequate to keep a vast volume of reflections in your face. we theory a fine to try it, because if we gotta do it…
  • Do keep in mind that everyone’s rod and cones are a bit unique. Visible Light Reflectance is genuine and we will attest for both transparent and (especially) darkened stain giving bootleg headlights a critical wallop. This link is a usually one I’ve googled with a transparent ranking of glisten reduction: maybe going to a stain emporium and reading their spec sheets is in order!
  • Yes, window stain impedes an automobile dimming mirror’s avocation cycle (so to speak). But a on/off switching still happens, and a counterpart dims reduction frequently since a need is reduction dire. That said, we lamentation a days of adjusting counterpart attraction (see a aflame #8 in a video below), since a original, 1980s GENTEX counterpart had a 0-10 attraction thumbwheel that really comes in accessible in this epoch of bootleg headlights.

  • Nope. Granted my Houston home ain’t Ohio, though a defroster always works in each coloured automobile I’ve gifted for decades.
  • Son, never listen to Sanjeev. Never ever.

Send your queries to sajeev@thetruthaboutcars.com. Spare no sum and ask for a rapid fortitude if you’re in a hurry…but be realistic, and use your make/model specific forums instead of TTAC for some-more timely advice. 

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