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Piston Slap: A Tail Light Two-Fer!

We have a two-fer for tail light pattern this time…well, solely one is about vigilance lights. 

But we mount by my alliteration as they both exist on a car’s tail.

Steve writes:

On a approach home a other night, we upheld some automobile with a really engaging taillight configuration. It looked like dual wide, stylized “E”s confronting any other, all in LED strips (see below).

Mystery_CarI consider it was a vast china sedan, a outcome was really cool..

Not a classical car, though something new and arrange of jellybean-ish. You might know what a automobile was…any guesses?

Sajeev answers:

You substantially saw a Volvo S90 (photo on top), positively a singular automobile estimable of a Vellum Venom pattern critique.

Volvo’s signature back lighting diagnosis done a symbol on many an eyeball. Kudos to a pattern group for slicing a singular profile while remaining aesthetically pleasing!

TTAC commentator Halftruth writes:

Is it me or are directional lights not as easy to see as they once were? With all of a stylized/angled/transformer styling out there now, a elementary prosaic and easy to see side pen is no more.

I have found myself some-more than once carrying to double check other cars when during a 4 approach stop.

Sajeev answers:

While we agree, we have nonetheless to do a double take. My emanate is a daze spin while behaving their job, that is a duplicate beef:

On a front: a perfect volume of vehicles with LED-infused DRLs that close off when a vigilance light is activated. we should be concentrating on any member of a four-way intersection, not meditative “WTF does that new automobile have a bad ground?” Distraction level, increased!

On a tail: Audi’s “dynamic spin signal” complement incorporates a plain peep with consecutive indicator. Two indicators doing opposite things rinse any other out, creation for nonessential distraction. More to a point, a plain flashing light seems unnecessary, though we reckon there’s a legal/regulatory reason it done prolongation for a USA (North America?).

Maybe we’re on to something: DOT regulations! Are regulations screwing us over again, only like decades of aged propagandize four-eye DOT headlights vs. H4+H1 E-code units?

Because, compared to a U.S. model‘s required vigilance light, demeanour during this very-much-not-American video for a 2016 Lexus RX: a sharp back vigilance setup has a really transparent amber back spin signal. Even better, a front indicator doesn’t kill a DRL.

Not that we consider about consecutive lights often, but now we have food for thought, Best and Brightest.

[Image: Volvo, OP]

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