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Opinion: a Peugeot e-Legend judgment is a excusable face of unconstrained driving

But they forget one pivotal part: lots of people adore cars. Lots of people adore pushing cars. And a lot of people – and I’d suppose this includes many of we – don’t unequivocally wish to suppose a destiny though cars that we not usually can drive, though wish to drive.

Vidal told me that Peugeot’s idea with a e-Legend is to infer that unconstrained electric cars can still be stylish, energetic and fun. Job done. If this is a destiny of unconstrained driving, count me in (as an aside, Peugeot isn’t alone in tab on a significance of drivers: BMW’s growth arch recently said a organisation will never furnish a automobile though a steering wheel).

In fact, a pursuit competence even be finished a small too well, since a e-Legend is certainly too stylish to usually be a concept. Not usually that, though if we nude out that destiny tech and launched a automobile with that pattern onto a marketplace today, we consider Peugeot would be onto a winner. It would substantially be unequivocally good with a thundering, American-style V8 engine in, although in a universe relocating towards foundation and low-emissions, that competence be a step too far. 

Still, regardless of what engine was used, if Peugeot could make a prolongation chronicle of a e-Legend that was anywhere nearby as good to expostulate as it is to demeanour at, we reckon it’d be onto a winner. 

Which is because it’s bad news that there are no skeleton to build one. Still, Vidal and his group are clearly really unapproachable of a e-Legend concept, and we clarity that, if a business box could be made, there’s a slim possibility a prolongation chronicle – or something tighten to it – could happen. Perhaps if we all ask nicely.

So, go on Peugeot, we know we wish to. Please…

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