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Opinion: Focus on comfort is only what Citroen needs to mount out

It competence have some-more than twenty conflicting motorist aids and a journey control complement that effectively allows for semi-autonomous driving, though Citroen didn’t spend many time articulate about any of them during a European exhibit of a C5 Aircross.

Instead, a association spent many of a day extolling a virtues of padded chair cushions and hydraulic suspension.

While other manufacturers are chasing a sporty feel above all else, Citroen is going in a conflicting direction, with a pothole-absorbing float and seats we penetrate into.

And honestly? It’s lovely to see – generally during this finish of a cost spectrum. After all, comfort is a given in a Bentley Bentayga, though it’s singular for it to be a concentration in a automobile costing a tenth of a price.

Comfort, both in a cabin and when on a move, has been one of a brand’s core values for years, though a repute for reasonably-priced wafty rides has maybe been mislaid in new years in a transition to SUVs.

The C4 Cactus kicked off a renewed concentration on comfort final year, and now a C5 Aircross has determined it as a trend. The hydraulic pillow cessation complement is now usually found in these dual cars, though it was grown to work opposite a whole range.

If this is a pointer of things to come, it feels like Citroen is on a proceed to reclaiming a niche.

This is, after all, an proceed that can work: only demeanour during Volvo. Beyond embracing Swedish styling above 0-60 times, a code is now famous for creation reserve one of a top priorities.

Of course, it helps that Volvo also creates one of a best compress SUV out there right now, though a repute for reserve was common believe prolonged before a XC40 arrived.

Citroen is now half-way by overhauling an 8 automobile line-up, with a flagship tavern and an all-new electric automobile both designed for 2020. If it wants to double down on comfort, now could be a ideal time to do it.

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