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Nissan Leaf Nismo Confirmed, Baby!

Nissan denounced a Leaf Nismo EV this week, with sales commencing in Japan during a finish of a month. This is a vast warn for a Western automotive media, as few of us truly believed it was possible. While rumors suggested a existence of such a vehicle, we reputed it would possibly not occur or perceptible as a pitiable entrance package on a automobile wholly consumed with efficiency.

We were wrong. Nissan indeed retuned a Leaf’s mechanism for softened acceleration and gave it a garland of suggestive opening upgrades.

However, Nissan didn’t contend how most faster it would be compared to a customary Leaf. The indication isn’t accurately lissome (0-to-60 takes around 7.5 seconds), so a improvements substantially won’t modify a Nismo various into a ultimate sleeper car.

It also won’t demeanour a part. While a automaker did pitch in a garland of opening upgrades, entrance stays a vast partial of a equation. It has some strips of red trim (which is all a fury right now), new front and back fasciae, LED headlamps, two-tone paint job, and a few other touches that make it demeanour some-more aggressive. There’s also some red stitching found in a cabin, red trim pieces, a flat-bottomed, Alcantara-clothed steering wheel, competition seats, an an upgraded rigging selector.

If that’s all it was, we’d be annoyed. But Nissan took a time to give a electric automobile some suggestive hardware, as well. In further to programming a mechanism to urge acceleration, Nissan also tweaked the braking system, traction control and anti-lock brakes to prioritize dynamics. The Leaf Nismo also has a new set of startle absorbers and unique 18-inch amalgamate wheels wrapped in Continental ContiSportContact 5 tires.

It’s not going to take down a Tesla P100Ds Model S, though it also isn’t ostensible to. It’s an electric economy automobile that Nissan kicked in a pants. But it does make us really vehement about a destiny probability of a Nismo various of a some-more powerful, long-range Leaf E-Plus.

We are keenly wakeful that a prospects of this entrance to North America aren’t great. However, we’re anticipating Nissan listens and realizes that this is a kind of thing we wish to see from Nismo — and that a thought of a juiced-up Leaf is something a marketplace could be meddlesome in.

Thus far, Nissan hasn’t mentioned any skeleton to sell this thing outward of Japan.


[Images: Nissan]

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