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New Ford F-150 Diesel Will Sip Fuel during a Rate of 8L per 100km

It feels like there has been a diesel rebirth of late. Just as shortly as some manufacturers (that will go unnamed here) pulled their oil-burners out of a North American market, here we have Ford introducing their code new 3-litre power-stroke diesel in their F-150 collect up.

Ford will join a 2018 Ram 1500 as a usually other light-duty pick-up on a marketplace to offer a diesel engine, though Ford wins a specs diversion on this one. The power-stroke diesel will furnish 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque during a low 1750 rpm. That is 10 horses and 20 lb-ft some-more than a Ram’s Ecodiesel is means to muster.

Even improved is a estimated 8L/100 km a Ford can grasp on a highway, bettering a 8.8L/100 km rating of a Ram diesel.

The central numbers are 10.8/8.0/9.5 L/100km (city/highway/combined).

Not bad for a car that weighs in additional of 2 tons, can draw 11,400 lbs and has a cargo rating of 2020 lbs (XL and XLT).

“Even a few years ago, business wouldn’t have illusory an EPA-estimated rating of 30 mpg highway would be probable in a full-size pickup, though a group of crazy-smart engineers rose to a challenge,” pronounced Hau Thai-Tang, Ford executive clamp president, product growth and purchasing.

These same “crazy-smart” engineers were also obliged for a 6.7-litre diesel found in a F-150’s bigger Super Duty brother.

The new 3-litre Power Stroke is entirely complicated and intensely durable featuring a compacted-graphite engine retard and fake steel crank; a non-static geometry turbo, 29,000 psi fuel injectors, twin fuel filters and a dual theatre oil siphon that reduces parasitic waste and improves fuel efficiency. This diesel was designed to transport that boat, camper, or horse-trailer by a toughest of conditions but any detriment of power, even during high altitudes.

Coupled with a F-150’s aluminum body, that reduces weight by around 700 lbs over some-more required steel, this intensely fit engine should simply be means to compare or kick a fuel economy estimates out in a genuine world.

Considering that a F-150 is already one of a best offered vehicles in a world, this newly accessible diesel energy should indurate that for many some-more years to come.

Even some-more sparkling is a awaiting that an engine like this Power Stroke could eventually find a approach into other models like Ford’s Expedition and Explorer.

The F-150 with a Power-Stroke diesel should start to arrive during your internal dealers by May. We will news with some-more sum and real-world pushing impressions shortly. Don’t change a channel.

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