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New Cupra Ateca: pricing announced for 296bhp SUV

The Cupra Ateca is partial of a broader descent to offer Cupra versions of some Seat models as good as, eventually, Cupra-only cars. Seat is perplexing to duplicate a instance of in-house opening groups like Renault Sport. It will launch 7 models by 2020 as partial of assertive expansion plans.

Cupra could get electrified powertrain tech before Seat

While a initial models will be reworked versions of stream Seat machines, with Cupra Ibiza and Arona models expected in 2019, a organisation hinted that it could introduce standalone Cupra models in a future, as partial of skeleton to use a code as a technological figurehead.

QA: Seat trainer Luca de Meo on Cupra’s future

The brand’s sales and selling trainer Wayne Griffiths said that bursting from Seat was critical for code value. “In terms of positioning it adds some-more to go with a apart brand,” he said. “If we kept it in a Seat universe there would always be compromises. We wish to take it out of a Seat universe to a competition track. Most firms that have sporting brands take them out of heritage, like Abarth. But we wish to demeanour to a future

Opinion: Why Cupra apart from Seat

Cupra models will be formed on Seats – for a foreseeable future, during slightest – though with significantly aloft performance, some-more customisation options and a apart sales channel. Only about one-fifth of Seat’s play network will be awarded Cupra sub-franchises and models are set to be sole by specialists from Cupra-only areas.

The Cupra devise according to RD trainer Matthias Rabe

Autocar initial reported on a skeleton final year, when a breeze of a new heading was shown in heading filings. Seat trainer Luca de Meo after certified that Cupra would “add another dimension” to Seat’s appeal.

“Cupra emerged not only as a business discussion,” he said. “This is a stipulation of adore for motoring, in a multitude apropos a bit antipathetic to a sector.”

The Cupra Ateca is powered by a 296bhp chronicle of a Volkswagen Group’s EA888 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, nonetheless a torque rise of 295lb ft is aloft than that constructed by a identical engine in a Leon Cupra 300. Drive passes by a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox – there are no skeleton for a primer chronicle – with torque diverted rearwards when compulsory by a part-time Haldex all-wheel expostulate system. Cupra claims a 5.2sec 0-62mph time and a 153mph tip speed.

Cupra Ibiza judgment revealed

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