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‘My father is looking for a new automobile for a taxi. What automobile would be best?’

My father is looking for a new automobile for a cab as his stream one expires in Dec as it’s an 04 Toyota Avensis Verso. I’m wondering what kind of automobile would be a best, 7 or eight-seater? Should it be diesel? His stream one is petrol. What’s a best choice for him to buy: finance, leasing or loan? He usually works 3 days a week.

Gillian: The Toyota Prius and Prius+ is favourite by cab drivers. You haven’t mentioned budget, or if he wants a new or only newer car. Here are some seven-seat models covering opposite budgets he can consider. Prius+: New, €37,750; used, from €15,500k (for 131s to €29k for 171s). Opel Zafira Tourer: New, from €29,995; Used, from €15,000 for 142 to €23,000 for 171.

Eddie: All good, Gillian. I’d supplement a Skoda Octavia or Superb – unequivocally renouned though apparently they are five-seaters. On financial he needs to work out what he can means to compensate behind after all losses are taken into account. We assume he has a good lane record if he has been taxiing. we consider he should speak to his accountant since there are taxation considerations/savings to be done with repayments (finance/loan) and leasing. we consider leasing competence be his best gamble though get dilettante advice.

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