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Mercedes skeleton some-more pop-up stores to tempt new buyers

Mercedes-Benz will open some-more pop-up stores in a entrance year as it experiments with code environments focused reduction on pulling steel and some-more on enchanting consumers.

The incursion into experiential sell began with one pop-up store late final year in Atlanta, followed by a second store in suburban Miami’s Aventura Mall, and a third plcae now designed for Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

Mercedes skeleton on opening one some-more store this year and afterwards “doing approach some-more of them, substantially focused on new product launches,” pronounced Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exler.

The new A category that arrives in U.S. showrooms this year will be a primary claimant for showcasing, given it is pitched during a younger demographic who competence find a Apple Store-influenced pop-ups quite appealing.

The stores work typically for about dual months and are dictated to teach extraordinary mall-goers on a Mercedes brand.

The sourroundings is some-more laid-back than hard-sell, with a idea of creation a code some-more receptive and applicable to consumers who competence never have counsel a Mercedes.

Exler told Automotive News this year that a enterprise is “connecting with a customers.” That tie is translating to sales.



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“We are saying an discernible series of people who had not formerly counsel a brand, though who bought a Mercedes following a revisit to a code stores,” a association mouthpiece said.

Mall shoppers

The judgment would find mall shoppers erratic into a store branded with a Mercedes-Benz star. Only a integrate of vehicles competence be on display, including a GT sports car. There would be Mercedes-Benz-branded accessories to ogle and a possibility to take a 3D practical existence ride.

At a Atlanta pop-up late final year, shoppers even bumped into Exler, who spent time during a Lenox Square store.

“I would only go adult there and say, ‘Hello, I’m from Mercedes. How do we like it here?'” Exler recalled. He told visitors he was in sales — that was true, if a bit modest.

The stores offer newcomers a uninformed glance of Mercedes. The automaker hopes to strech millennial shoppers with a new A-class sedan this year. That automobile will have a new multimedia complement — called a Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX — with softened displays and speech-recognition capabilities, along with synthetic comprehension and predictive training abilities.

The pop-ups are also a complicated turn on a normal automobile show, where consumers are unprotected to a product and can knowledge a technology, but carrying to make a purchase, pronounced Jeff Aiosa, owners of Mercedes-Benz dealership Carriage House of New London, in Connecticut.

“It’s only about entertainment information in a some-more contemporary space,” pronounced Aiosa, who is also a Mercedes code deputy for a National Automobile Dealers Association.

The pop-up stores don’t sell vehicles. Employees collect email addresses from impending business and brazen them to dealerships.

“I’m not removing heartburn as prolonged as all is going by a play network,” Aiosa said. “This isn’t a manufacturer competing opposite a dealers.”

Greg Barnes, a Mercedes-Benz play formed in Coral Gables, Fla., and authority of a brand’s play advisory board, views a pop-ups as lead generators.

“It’s a good artistic approach to get people who competence not travel into a Mercedes showroom,” Barnes said. “It’s a good approach to pull in a infrequent mall shopper, who could be converted into a customer.”

The loose atmosphere is a discord of a standard dealership experience.

“We have many business who only come by browsing,” Exler said. “And a fun in their revisit is since they know we’re not going to sell them a car.”

Where next?

Mercedes is being counsel in selecting where to enhance a concept, opting for upscale locations and geographic diversification.

“We wish to be clever in removing in a right locations,” Exler said. “We wouldn’t wish to go into a mall that’s 30 miles out a of city center.”

Mercedes chose to keep any store open for about dual months since mall trade starts repeating itself after that, and visitors to a pop-up store route off a bit.

But Exler stops brief of wanting Mercedes to cruise a permanent appendage stores that Porsche is introducing in high-end selling areas.

He says his options are open. “But during a stream time, we are not meditative about putting full-time appendage stores via a U.S.,” he said. “We have a appendage stores in all the dealerships, and we consider that that is a really good resolution for us.”

Amy Wilson contributed to this report.

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