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Mercedes-Benz Announces E-Class Enhancement, AMG E53 4Matic+ Sedan and Wagon

Mercedes-Benz is improving a E-Class lineup with a new driver assistance package that delivers a semi-autonomous capabilities already accessible on the S-Class. Among them is modernized steering support and Mercedes’ latest chronicle of adaptive journey control. Dubbed “Active Distance Assist Distronic” by a brand, a tech allows a automobile to say a gentle following stretch with a trade forward and is means of entrance to a finish stop in trade jams. But, distinct some other systems, it can also resume speed once a highway forward is clear.

There’s also a new SportsStyle Package for a 2019 indication year — adding chrome accents to a exterior, tailpipe finishers, special badging, and an upgraded interior featuring stainless steel competition pedals, charcoal timber core console, new headliner, and singular building mats.

However, many engaging change comes around AMG. Mercedes has ditched the E43 indication for a all new E53 4Matic+. Coming in both automobile and sedan bodystyles, a E53 dumps a E43’s biturbo V6 for an inline section hosting a same series of cylinders, turbochargers, and adds a amiable hybrid application. 

The 48-volt setup is fast apropos a tack during Mercedes, that is fine, as nobody can credit those motors of underdelivering. For a AMG E-Class, a inline 3.0-liter creates use of a electric expostulate supercharger to discharge turbo lag. Peaking during 435 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque, a engine friends to an AMG Speedshift nine-speed delivery that sends energy to a non-static all-wheel expostulate setup.

While those numbers might not sound radical compared to a E43’s specifications, they are an alleviation in terms of horsepower. Also, by expelling turbo lag, a E53 should be means to daub into that uptick in energy some-more fast and urge on a aged car’s zero-to-sixty time of 4.5 seconds (though it’s means of improved with a right set of tires).

The new engine will also make a approach to a E53 coupe and cabriolet, both of that should be accessible in North America. However, Mercedes pronounced it will keep a automobile for European use. As annoying as that creates a tiny subset of motorists, don’t forget that a totally violent E63 automobile is accessible in a United States and Canada. Its 603-horsepower 4.0-liter V8 is adequate to confuse most anything else you’d confront off a racetrack, supposing we have a income to squeeze one.

Frankly, we’re blissful to see the SportsStyle coming package. The chrome additions are extravagantly beautiful and a interior gets some genuine attention, as well. Lately, it seems a lot of automakers are charging some-more for a rejecting of chrome detailing and not always in ways that supplement to a vehicle’s appearance. While we like giving business options, charging them some-more for a automobile that looks decidedly reduction costly doesn’t make most clarity to us. Some brands, like Jaguar, have been means to do a stripped-down demeanour significantly better.

In further to a package, Mercedes-Benz is also adding new options for a E-Class’ interior trim materials, seats, and wheels. Official North American pricing and specs will be announced during a after date, though European prices have already been listed. Doing some banking acclimatisation shows Mercedes is asking roughly $1,500 (USD) for a SportsStyle package, while a 2019 AMG E53 4MATIC+ sedan carries an MSRP of around $85,200.

If that series sticks when it arrives on a domestic market, it’ll paint a $12,600 reward over a effusive E43. While a infancy of that can be attributed to a vehicle’s modernized powertrain, it doesn’t change a fact that it’s a large cube of change — even for someone who can means it.

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

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