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Mercedes-Benz A-Class A250 2018 review

Really rather good. It’s got a assuage zing to it – as it should have given a 221bhp 2.0-litre engine.

A pleasingly guttural scrape fills a cabin as a engine builds revs uniformly and with adequate eagerness that you’re mostly tempted to hang it in Sport and wring it out. For all that, if we toggle to Comfort afterwards we can boyant about in an impressively refined, ease manner.

The seven-speed dual-clutch automobile can get wild about high descents, though many of a time it’s sharp and well-judged, and it responds snappily to paddle-pulls, too, that is good as there’s no primer ‘box entrance to this model.

As boyant and doing change goes, a A-Class hits a honeyed mark supposing we wish a comfy daily motorist with neat and neat manners when we find a highway value creation a bid for.

Sling it by some corners and it tucks in, settles down and fires we out a other side in a gratifyingly accurate fashion. It’s easy to suffer this surefooted front-wheel expostulate car, even if it feels like Merc could have combined genuine flicker with a bit some-more bid on a relief steering. More hardness and improved weighting would have left a prolonged way.

It’s no Golf GTI, then, though afterwards a A250 isn’t unequivocally perplexing to be a prohibited hatch. It’s some-more of a tolerably bubbly commuter that’s aiming to set standards for comfort and interior poshness, that it does utterly convincingly.

Ride comfort – even over roads finish with gaping potholes and that high frequency, corrugated highway aspect that a UK specialises in – is great. Usefully improved than that of a VW Golf GTI. There’s some physique float, and a satisfactory bit of sound as a cessation works, though a damping is movable and precise, and keeps we removed from all though a unequivocally gnarly pieces of Tarmac.

We did have a go in an A180d on a torsion lamp cessation and there’s a large dump in comfort. Even on smaller wheels, a reduction worldly cessation feels, well… reduction sophisticated. Choppier and some-more disposed to some messy circle control, quite around town.

And a interior? It looks and feels great, though it’s value spending a £1395 on a Executive apparatus line container to get a outrageous media screen; though it a dual tiny customary screens we are mislaid in a chunk of plastic.

Or if we can find nonetheless another £1000 we can have a equally fantastical driver’s arrangement (shown here) and a digital knowledge that’d feel during home in a top-spec limo. We even found a ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control worked well, nonetheless informal accents trouble it easily.

Practicality and roominess is only fine, though an Audi A3 will give we improved back newcomer space and most improved back visibility.

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