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Mercedes-AMG Considering Development of Porsche 718 Rival

Depending on who we ask, a 718 Cayman is a best automobile in Porsche’s lineup. It’s not a fastest or a nicest, and you’ll have to spend a gold if we wish it versed with oppulance features. But it does offer a pretty entrance indicate into pristine pushing delight though a lot of gimmicks.

While a brood of cheaper options exist, a 718 strikes a change that’s formidable to beat. Most American rivals have a right suggestion though not a required precision, and foe from Japan doesn’t unequivocally exist. We can regard a Mazda MX-5 or Subaru BRZ as an overwhelmingly gratifying knowledge all day, though conjunction occupy a same difficulty as the $56,500 Porsche.

The 718 needs a mass-market opposition that wears an matching cost tab and hosts a identical personality, if usually to force it to step adult a possess game. But there isn’t one — not yet, anyway. Mercedes-Benz is now operative on a inheritor to a SLC and, while that automobile isn’t unequivocally fit for holding down a Porsche, reports have indicated a deputy usually competence be. 

Presently, Cayman usually has dual semi-legitimate competitors in a United States — a Chevrolet Corvette and BMW’s M2. However, it’s formidable to pull a approach comparison with either. The bottom Corvette offers implausible levels of opening though it’s some-more about power-per-dollar than poise. Meanwhile, a M2 manages to best a Porsche in practicality and sound though falls a small brief roughly everywhere else. In fact, we’re usually comparing it to a 718 given there is unequivocally zero else on a marketplace that fits a bill.

Fortunately, that could change in a few years. According to Autocar, a new AMG indication was presented to Mercedes-Benz’s house of government as an surreptitious inheritor to a SLC. The indication is rumored to be back engined, with roadster and fixed-roof variants to opposition a 718 Boxster and Cayman, specifically.

“A lot of suspicion has left into how Mercedes-AMG can improved precedence a success in motorsport, quite Formula 1 and continuation racing,” pronounced one senior Mercedes-Benz manager. “One thought is a sports automobile that is comparatively receptive financially and ideally matched to lane day running. But it is usually an thought and not a committed plan right now.”

There were rumors that AMG’s subsequent large plan would be an SUV, given they pierce in larger volumes. However, going with a critical opening coupe with an receptive cost tab would open a doorway to track-day enthusiasts. “It’s a fast flourishing business shred and it is high bearing for a brand,” Autocar’s source said. “From a selling perspective, it creates good sense, though we also need to safeguard that it is financially viable in sufficient volumes and during a cost to make it appealing to automobile buyers on a tellurian basis. It would be additional business for AMG, not targeted during existent business though new ones.”

Nothing’s motionless as of yet, and Mercedes’ government house could positively fire a thought down if it doesn’t trust there’s income to be made. However, if it is built, a rear-engine setup seems to be a genuine possibility.

“Project One represents a start of a new epoch for Mercedes-AMG, not usually in terms of a electrified driveline though also a chain of it behind a cabin,” a manager said. “Just how it will impact destiny models stays to be seen. However, a mid-rear blueprint is no longer taboo.”

[Image: Daimler AG]

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