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Luxury Bavarian Tuner Novitec Releases Package for Tesla Model S

First, a Model S is beautified on a outside. Novitec adds a full CO fiber aero kit, consisting of front and back valances, rocker panels, and a back mouth spoiler lifted only above a bureau option. Next, a electric sedan is propitious with tradition 21-inch Vossen NV2 fake wheels, exclusively designed in a partnership between a dual companies. Behind a wheels lay new CO ceramic brakes, featuring vast vented discs and upgraded six-piston calipers.

The cessation was another evil taken into comment by a tuner. Models roving on a normal cessation will accept an upgraded curl over kit, permitting for a car to be lowered or lifted (manually) by a operation of 40 millimeters. The curl overs also have electronic dampening, permitting for on-the-fly changes to a car’s doing with a press of a button. For owners who already have atmosphere cessation on their Model S, a association has expelled a controller that lowers a car an additional in. over the lowest batch setting.

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