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‘LQ’ Marks a Spot: What Does Toyota’s Odd Trademark Application Mean?


Trademark applications yield a really misty window into a destiny of an automaker’s lineup, and this one’s no different. On May 7th, Toyota filed an focus with a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use of a name “LQ” on a engine vehicle.

While it partially fits into a Lexus brand’s fixing scheme, a second minute of a name (after L for “luxury”) is meant to appropriate a character of vehicle. So, only what kind of flagship indication could this be?

The heading application, unclosed by Lexus Enthusiast, seems to indicate to a opposite form of vehicle. In a tip row of a Lexus stable, “LS” means a oppulance sedan, “LC” designates a oppulance coupe, and “LX” covers a SUV/crossover field.

So, what about that Q? The best theory out there is that “Q” refers to a sportier oppulance crossover, presumably one previewed by a brand’s LF-1 Limitless judgment vehicle. Far some-more jaunty than a range-topping LX SUV or midsize RX, a unibody, partially low slung Limitless debuted during January’s Detroit automobile uncover with no prolongation promises in tow.

Still, a automaker claimed a judgment had “the intensity to figure a destiny of a flagship oppulance crossover for Lexus.â€�

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept

Crafted during CALTY Design Research, a crossover showed off what could turn a brand’s destiny styling direction. The jury’s out on either that’s a good thing. With creases aplenty and an expansion of Lexus’ signature shaft grille heading a way, a crossover’s fashionable form oozed sportiness. Dual back spoilers finished a look. Lexus claimed a judgment could hoop any series of thrust sources.

While there’s no necessity of crossovers and SUVs in both a Toyota and Lexus lineups, a association has hinted it isn’t opposite fielding dual vehicles in a same segment. The LQ could simply turn another money cow positioned nearby (or at) a tip of a Lexus heap.

[Images: Lexus, Bozi Tatarevic/TTAC]

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