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Lexus Reevaluating a Existence of a GS and IS

While Lexus hasn’t reliable anything, there’s flourishing conjecture that a brand’s ES sedan will eventually reinstate a GS. The model’s sales have trended downward given 2015, going from 23,117 U.S. deliveries that year to just 7,773 in 2017.


The code hasn’t announced any skeleton to refurbish it. Considering a fourth era has been around given 2011, you’d consider Lexus would have pronounced something by now. But a association — like many oppulance manufacturers — is rapt with relocating application vehicles. There’s now a three-row RX, and a smaller UX should assistance attract a younger demographic while permitting Lexus to dally in a subscription-based sales model.

If it succeeds, a IS could be a subsequent car in a brand’s lineup to be tied to a tree and shot. 

While a predestine of a GS is most guaranteed (the association has already forsaken it in Europe), a IS does improved business overall. Still, annual sales have forsaken any year given 2014 and a brand’s new U.S. ubiquitous manager, David Christ, recently told Automotive News that Lexus is deliberation a destiny of both models.

That said, he also reiterated a company’s progressing guarantee not to misuse consumers who cite sedans and settled Lexus has high hopes for a ES. “There are still a lot of oppulance cars being sold,” he said, “and we’re not going to desert that market.”

However, it’s that marketplace that will foreordain only how loyal a matter that is. GS sales are roughly pardonable during this indicate and a IS has mislaid about half a strength. Both models are flourishing aged and there’s no replacements scheduled that we know of. That’s going to outcome in a brand’s sedan lineup looking intensely lean, and it’s tough to suppose an blast of sales for a RC or LC coupes as a result — though it’s a good thought.

[Image: Lexus]

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