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Lexus Could Bring a CT Back as a Tesla Model 3 Rival, Report Says

After giving it a mattock in America final year, Lexus competence be bringing behind a CT hybrid hatchback as an all-electric opposition to a Tesla Model 3 if a new Auto Express news is to be believed. 

Introduced as a CT 200h behind in 2011, a effusive automobile was accessible usually as a hybrid—essentially a Lex-ified Prius. According to a report, a next-generation CT would come as a hybrid as good though would also be sole alongside an all-electric version, putting it in proceed foe with Tesla’s much-hyped, entry-level oppulance EV. 

“The CT has a high better ratio of 70 to 75 per cent. It’s useful during bringing new people to a brand. People buy a CT for efficiency; with a UX, we’re looking for a opposite customer,” Lexus Europe executive Pascal Ruch said, vocalization to a British publication. A second-gen CT is approaching to share skeleton with a UX crossover, primogenitor association Toyota’s New Global Architecture C height that also underpins a C-HR, Prius, and prohibited new Corolla. 

“If a doubt is ‘Will we reinstate a CT?’, let’s contend so.” pronounced Ruch. “We competence have to consider about a opposite proceed to a sector. Maybe it’s a time to find something new in a CT’s segment.”

Auto Express says Toyota’s Model 3 opposition is scheduled to arrive in 2020. Just like a prototype and a Tesla it aims to defeat, we design it to start somewhere in a $30,000 range. We’ve reached out to a association for serve criticism and will refurbish this story if we hear back. 

UPDATE: In an email to The Drive, a Lexus orator says they “haven’t listened of any skeleton for an electric CT,” so we competence wish to take today’s news with a large pellet of salt. The Lexus repute creates certain to supplement that a association is “excited about a launch of a UX to enter a flourishing oppulance subcompact crossover segment.”

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