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Let’s Salute Ontario’s Retail Automobile Industry

Now that a 2018 Ontario choosing is over, a Trillium Automobile Dealers Association is looking brazen to operative with a new supervision and all MPPs on issues critical to a sell car sector.

One of those issues is a significance of a sell car sector. For decades, a sell car attention has been a critical writer to a Ontario economy, and it shows no signs of negligence down.

When domestic leaders speak about a automotive zone today, discussions mostly concentration on manufacturing, aftermarket tools and research/development. All of these are critical components of a industry, though they do not paint a whole industry.

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers investigate (conducted on interest of a Trillium Automobile Dealers Association) highlighted a significance of a sell car zone in Ontario.

The investigate reported that Ontario’s car play attention generates some-more than 53,000 approach jobs and some-more than $37 billion in sell sales any year.

TADA members — scarcely 1,100 franchised new car dealers opposite Ontario — directly occupy some-more than 45,000 people and they beget and promote $12.15 billion in GDP any year to a province.

New car dealers also beget and promote 77,554 jobs by approach and surreptitious means — ensuing in some-more than $4.3 billion in work income by a practice chain.

The car sell zone provides well-paying jobs opposite Ontario in different fields such as learned trades, sales, accounting, financial and marketing. A clever car sell zone means billions in taxes to assistance support critical open services.

Other highlights of a PwC investigate include:

  • Between 2001 and 2016, practice during new car dealerships increasing by approximately 30 per cent, outpacing a altogether boost in Ontario’s sell zone by about 5 commission points;
  • Employment during new car dealerships provides an normal of $1,012 in weekly benefit — 84 per cent aloft than benefit in altogether sell trade and about 9 per cent aloft than in a altogether use producing industries;
  • more than one in 20 (5.55 per cent) of provincial sell trade jobs are generated by TADA members;
  • TADA members beget $2.81 billion in provincial income pleasantness of corporate and personal income taxes and taxes on prolongation and imports;
  • Aside from new vehicles, TADA members sole 780,000 pre-owned cars in 2015 (the latest accessible figure).


The investigate states “the sustenance of arguable upkeep and correct services regulating competent staff, peculiarity tools and systematic upkeep report has a certain impact on automobiles’ longevity and ensures vehicles on a highway are using during optimal or nearby optimal performance, that leads to some-more fit pushing and lessens a impact on a environment.”

These stats might come as a warn to many, though they underscore how critical this attention is to Ontario’s destiny expansion and prosperity.

To assistance emanate some-more recognition about — and support for — a sell car industry, TADA works with post-secondary schools opposite Ontario that offer automotive courses and programs.

These schools offer courses in all from automotive use technician, automotive business and automotive engineering and record to ground energy use management, ground energy technician, ground building technician — lorry manager and motorcycle energy competition car technician.

New car dealers, too, support educational programs for a car industry, partnering with Centennial College, Durham College, a Automotive Business School of Canada during Georgian College in Barrie and others. Most dealers offer commune work opportunities, where students learn about a car attention and benefit practical, hands-on experience.

The subsequent time we squeeze or franchise an car from a purebred new car dealership, or have your car serviced during a dealership, know that we are ancillary one of a pivotal drivers of a economy.

The TADA hopes that a newly inaugurated provincial supervision actively supports and promotes a whole car attention in this province, and will assistance to build on a many successes.

What creates a Dealership Great in 2018?

This mainstay represents a views and values of a TADA. Write to [email protected] or go to tada.ca. Susan Gubasta is boss of a Trillium Automobile Dealers Association and is President/CEO of Mississauga Toyota. 

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