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Learn a History Behind a Porsche 911 Name

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If you’re a fan of a simple, no-fuss fixing intrigue employed by Porsche, we have Peugeot to thank. In a brief and honeyed informational video, a German automaker summarized a story behind a mythological “911” badge.

As a video enumerates, prolongation was circuitous down on a 356, creation room for a newly minted six-cylinder sports coupe. Porsche called a newest entrance a 901, and systematic adult a collection of  bullion nines, zeroes, and ones for a indication badging in credentials for a full-scale launch.

At a 1963 Frankfurt automobile show, Porsche proudly presented a new 901 coupe to a world. Peugeot wasn’t gratified a French automaker had semi-official rights to automotive numeric nameplates with 0 in a middle. It had already sole utterly a few models regulating this fixing scheme, so it sent a “friendly though distinct” minute to Porsche requesting a 901 be altered to something else.

So, Porsche sliced a 0 out of a equation and combined a one, formulating a 911 badge we know and adore today. Despite a change occurring so early in a prolongation process, during slightest 85 901s left a public line before a 0 was stricken from a record. These were all allegedly constructed for inner contrast purposes, though a few slipped out to business over a years.

Check out a video to get a glance into a story of a 911 name.

Source: Porsche around YouTube

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