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Lamborghini rear-ends Ford pickup, motorist bails

You don’t need to scour YouTube for really prolonged to find quarter-mil supercars being driven by comprehensive bell-ends.

There’s a Gallardo motorist who guns it divided from an intersection and ends adult bookended by a Hyundai SUV and a Lincoln Town Car in a conflicting lane. The prawn who gathering a automobile Bentley Mulsanne definitely literally into cheuffer parking in Monte Carlo. And afterwards there’s a Nissan GT-R motorist who, let’s only say, ‘went across’ a roundabout—

You can now supplement to that shining list a above CCTV footage, in that a Lamborghini Huracán slams into a behind of an F-250 Super Duty as a Ford pick-up slows for a red light.

Where this story takes a spin for a bizarre, though, is shortly after a impact. The dolt with a overly complicated right feet but jumps with considerable liveliness out of a Raging Bull, as does his passenger, and before a pick-up motorist can enquire how a gentlemen can expostulate with their heads so resolutely adult their arses, his assailants have already leapt into a watchful Mercedes-Benz S-Class and buggered off.

The Lamborghini, now with an definitely busted front fender and bonnet, is left behind, as is a understandably doubtful pick-up driver. The aptly ‘Built Ford Tough’ Super Duty, meanwhile, seems to have transient mostly unscathed, notwithstanding a large thwack to a bed and back axle. Just goes to uncover what a support done from 95 per cent high-strength steel and military-grade aluminum amalgamate bodywork can weather.

Unsurprisingly, Miami military are questioning a incident.

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