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Lamborghini R & D Chief on Aventador SVJ, Hybrids, and BDC Win

Will there ever be a time when Lamborghini doesn’t sell a automobile with a V-12? Can Lamborghini be Lamborghini though V-12s?

The subsequent era of Lamborghini, a inheritor to a Aventador, will be V-12 naturally aspirated. We can supplement a hybrid or plug-in to honour all a manners of fuel expenditure and emissions.

The Urus is a initial unchanging prolongation Lamborghini with forced induction. Will we see some-more Lambos with turbos?

Urus was innate with a turbo for one reason: If we wish to pierce a automobile weighing 2.2 tons on each surface, even if it’s silt or sand, we need an engine that provides outrageous torque during 1,500 rpm. Only a turbo can yield this. The preference of regulating a turbo was formed on a idea of a car. Supersports cars don’t have this kind of mission. With engineering, a selection of a product decides—the best practice. Same with a transmission. The Urus has a torque converter that is some-more well-spoken for an SUV that does some-more city driving, and nonetheless it’s still means to have a unbending upshift with a produce in your back. But we wouldn’t do a torque converter in a Aventador successor.

What else can we pattern from a Aventador’s replacement? Still a V-12? Still a single-clutch transmission? More CO fiber?

Carbon fiber will be one of a many critical points to recompense for a weight generated from a auxiliary appetite system. We need to use it some-more intensively and smarter. What is critical is to see what are a probable criticisms of a Aventador—the purchase is one. We can see if a double purchase is available. In Strada, maybe [shifting] could be softer. But in Corsa, when we change gears, we need to have that produce in your back, so a purchase can't be too soothing or smooth. The idea is to be stiff.

What do we consider a Aventador’s bequest will be? In hindsight, is there anything we would have finished differently?

I consider behind in 2009, a usually change is to put 2 cm some-more roof to have improved ergonomics for high people like Americans. But in looking during a expansion of a automobile from 2011 to 2018, a automobile has continued to grow and be new. The engineering allows us to [evolve] a automobile and put in some-more function and handling. From a pattern perspective, it’s still so sexy, everybody still turns and looks. This automobile was approaching to sell 4,000 copies, and we’ve sole some-more than 8,000. It astounded us.

Do we see a fourth automobile in a Lamborghini product line?

Part of a plan of a association is to stabilise a company. We need to make one [product cycle] where a volume of Urus stays constant, rather than a rise and a drop. The large pursuit is to make an normal volume of production, to pledge we have fortitude inside a association for effort and a confidence of a employees. Having volume go adult and down is a disaster. A fourth product is partial of a vision, though before we spin a key, we need to uncover we can continue to grow. That’s a plea for a subsequent year. The Urus has been a large success, and it’s sexy, though we need to safeguard in dual years’ time we have a same volumes in a worldwide market. We can't be Icarus and fly too tighten to a sun.

The 2008 Lamborghini Estoque concept

So that new product areas are we eyeing?

When we did Urus, we were unchanging with a history, in that a Espada was a genuine four-seater. If we also demeanour during a history, we had a correct 2+2, that was a Islero.

In 2010, all a speak during Lamborghini was weight-to-power. Is that still a case?

Weight-to-power ratio is some-more critical than ever. Every patron can understand 10 kilograms reduction weight, though usually a few people can understand 10 horsepower more. So CO fiber will be a pivotal cause for a future. But from a customer’s indicate of view, we sell horsepower.

How do regulations fit in?

In a brief time we contingency have an anti-particulate filter, and we contingency revoke a sound of a car—and no patron wants to accept reduction horsepower. In what approach can we recompense to approve with a APF and improved sound emissions, and nonetheless make a automobile sexier than ever before? That is elemental for a future.

How is care of Lamborghini opposite underneath Domenicali than it was underneath longtime trainer Winkelmann?

Both are like brothers. we commend their shortcoming to drive a company. we have been propitious to have met them. Both have authorised me to beget these products. It’s a dream for each engineer. If there isn’t trust, there is a problem. When we can report formula to them in active cessation or active aero, we can't hold it, though we need to spend income on it. So we need to have that trust. And it has meant this good expansion in a supersports car.

The Hurac n Performante only won Best Driver’s Car. How does that make we feel?

It’s about a organization, how we can put all a opening systems together to make it work like a body, where it’s instinctive, and we don’t have to think. We have this miraculous flesh of a engine, and we’ve done it unequivocally jaunty in a ability to pull a belligerent with active aero like no other automobile in a world. It’s like, if we play soccer, if we could change your cleats invariably when a margin is wet, or soft, or hard. And we never notice this extemporaneous grip.

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