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Lamborghini Aventador SV J could plea 911 GT2 RS ‘Ring record

Lamborghini could plea a prolongation automobile path record during a Nürburgring with a upcoming Aventador SV J, that is an even some-more hardcore chronicle of a track-focused V12 supercar.

To do that, the all-wheel-drive model, due for exhibit during a summer to supersede the limited-to-600 SV, would have to path a Nordschleife in reduction than 6min 47.3sec, that is a time set by a stream record holder, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Reports advise a Italian association is formulation to launch a automobile with a new path record cumulative during a Nüburgring, nonetheless Lamborghini has not responded to a speculation.

The Aventador SV J has been filmed contrast during a Nürburgring in new months, where it was seen being driven prosaic out, suggesting a record try is planned.

These sightings also showed what arrange of changes are due to be done to a car. At a front, there’s a significantly incomparable front splitter that rivals that propitious to a McLaren Senna, while a new behind wing is hold in place by dual winding arms and a centre arm.

The automobile also sports a new dual-pipe empty complement that blows engine rubbish gases out by a center of a behind end, rather than in a centre of a diffuser like a SV. This new technique, also used by a Huracán Performante, enhances a diffuser’s efficacy by stealing empty gases from an aerodynamically supportive area.

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The Aventador SV J will arrive with an even more potent chronicle of Lamborghini’s 6.5-litre 12-cylinder engine used by a SV.

The Aventador S, that arrived in a second half of 2017, produces 730bhp, 40bhp some-more than a prior version. Applying a same burst to a SV J suggests it could have an outlay of around 780bhp — that would make it one of a market’s many manly supercars. To put that figure into perspective, that’s 90bhp some-more a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Backing a prospects of this impassioned opening is a use of a minute J, that stands for Jota. Jota, the Spanish word for a minute J, has been practical to some of Lamborghini’s many hardcore models, including race-homologated versions of a Miura and Diablo. Although a Aventador will not contest in engine racing — Lamborghini’s foe efforts are focused on a lighter Huracán — it emphasises a car’s abilities.

Jota models have a story of being constructed in intensely low numbers. No some-more than 28 Diablo Jotas exist, while a Miura Jota and a some-more new Aventador J were constructed only once each. This suggests Aventador SV J build numbers competence be kept next a 600 units of a SV. If that’s a case, a SV J’s pricing would expected jump substantially from a strange SV’s £321,743 starting figure.

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