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Koenigsegg Regera: business to get growth automobile expostulate in November

Despite a car’s initial appearance during a 2014 event, a “near-running” antecedent was displayed during this year’s Geneva show. 

The car’s miss of delivery suggests a finish of primer gearboxes from Koenigsegg, yet a association trainer simplified that on other models, business could supply a primer delivery if so desired. He refused this choice for a Agera RS, though, given a re-engineering work compulsory to fit one.

Design of a Regera was a partnership between von Koenigsegg and his brother-in-law, a automobile designer, with von Koenigsegg tweaking ideas that a engineer showed him. “Who came adult with what is a tiny formidable to contend in a end,” he said.

Just 80 examples of a hybrid hypercar will be made. They were announced during a car’s phenomenon to cost $1.89 million (around £1.23m during a time) each, pre-tax.

The Regera is described as some-more gentle and lush than a Agera, a deputy for that is due to be suggested during subsequent year’s Geneva engine show, and it will lay alongside a arriving indication as a brand’s second indication line. 

Despite a swelling of a code into dual markets, von Koenigsegg insisted that it would not widespread to a supercar shred to contest with Porsche and Ferrari, given a superfluity therein. 

“The large players have been during that diversion for a prolonged time now. They’ve polished that game,” he said. If Koenigsegg were to furnish a automobile for this market, it would be too costly to be rival to seductiveness a market, he said, adding: “It would be fun to chuck a few some-more hornets in a nest, yet right now we have other priorities.”

Nodding during a brand’s prior goal to rescue Swedish code Saab before it went out of business, von Koenigsegg also simplified that a association is too tiny to furnish mass-market models regulating a camless technology and instead would pursue providing a record to existent mass-market manufacturers.

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