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Kenichi Yamamoto, champion of Mazda’s rotary engine, dies during 95

Kenichi Yamamoto, a former Mazda Motor Corp. boss and authority who commercialized a rotary engine, died Dec. 20, outward Tokyo during age 95, according to reports.

Yamamoto helped renovate Mazda, that was famous as Toyo Kogyo until 1984, from a tiny Japanese automaker to a tellurian brand, initial as an engineer, afterwards as an executive.

The former boss started as a workman in a Toyo Kogyo bureau in 1946, building transmissions after his home in Hiroshima was broken in World War II. Yamamoto rose by a ranks as vigour from a Japanese supervision to boost competitiveness in a tellurian automobile attention mounted. In 1961, he was charged with creation a rotary engine — a simplified, compress engine invented by German operative Felix Wankel — commercially viable.

“We set a sights on operative for a mom country’s revival,” Yamamoto told Automotive News in a 1995 interview.

The operative succeeded, and in 1963, a Cosmo, a sports automobile antecedent with a rotary engine, debuted during a Tokyo Motor Show. Yamamoto afterwards gathering Toyo Kogyo President Tsunegi Matsuda opposite Japan for dual weeks, showcasing a record for dealerships and banks — and creation a box for a automaker’s presence in a government-dictated industry.

Yamamoto’s partnership with Wankel and other German engineers appealed to a Japanese government, that wanted to mangle into a general market. With state support, he and Toyo Kogyo were means to rise a rotary engine over a subsequent 15 years, eventually introducing it to a U.S. in 1978 with a RX-7.

“Rather than profit, we went after an temperament and independence,” Yamomoto told Automotive News in 1993. “More than 30 companies worked on a rotary engine initially. But Mazda was unique. We stranded to it with persistence. Why? Other companies deliberate a rotary a source of income and if there was no profit, they gave up.”



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