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It has been an unusual 70 years for Land Rover

I went behind to a Andes in 2007, this time for a five-day ‘Road to a Clouds’ journey that was to uncover how a Discovery 3 could work during adult to 5,000 metres and beyond. We took a tough way, mostly along stream ravines and unpaved hollow marks to a pass during Abra El Acay. From we gathering adult even serve by what was a undoubted moonscape, to grasp limit altitude.

I was lucky, we didn’t come down with altitude illness on possibly of my Andean adventures, when younger and arguably fitter members of a groups did. we did get sick, however, during a launch of a new era Range Rover by a Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 2012. Nothing to do with a altitude or a vehicle, only a rather serious hitch of food poisoning. It didn’t put me off possibly Land Rover or Morocco.

In new years, Land Rover has pushed a oppulance finish of a operation rather than a utilitarian, despite with an extraordinary turn of record that allows any Land Rover or Range Rover car to take a occupants to and behind from some impassioned situations. Today owned by Tata Motors, it has survived 7 decades over infrequently diligent tenure by Rover, British Leyland, British Aerospace, BMW and Ford.

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