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Volkswagen Group India Awarded as Best Employer Brand of Maharashtra

Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. has bagged a desired prize of a Maharashtra Best Employer Brand during a 13th Employer Branding Awards hosted by World HRD Congress in Mumbai. The VWGSIPL group perceived a endowment as Maharashtra’s Best Employer Brand for best practices in talent management, compelling women in a workforce, attracting millennials, influence strategies and worker empowerment. The Jury consisted of comparison leaders, researchers and academicians and enclosed some distinguished names such as Prof. Indira Parikh, Dr. Arun Arora, Dr. Harish Mehta, Dr. R L Bhatia and Nina E. Woodard.

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“We have always strived to maintain a talents of a employees and urge their capability with unchanging unsentimental and fanciful trainings. We trust in training from any other and formulating a pool of gifted and gifted employees who can minister to a company’s growth, that in spin resonates in their personal growth. This endowment validates a company’s efforts taken towards a employees and motivates us serve to keep pulling a limits,” pronounced Ms. Usha Ramoo, Director, Human Resources and Administration, VWGSIPL. The classification reduced coherence on unfamiliar talent, creation it a elite employer for inner talent. VWGSIPL also promoted inner internal talent and extended their prominence by providing them with expansion opportunities and avenues to showcase their potential.

The Maharashtra Best Employer Brand awards had mixed analysis criteria’s. The investigate dungeon consisted of Post Graduates in History Management with over 7 years investigate knowledge posts their studies. It is an iconic pursuit of a investigate dungeon to furnish a shortlist of tip organizations doing unusual work and lane a record of their achievements. A Jury comprising of comparison professionals from opposite a creation afterwards reviewed a shortlist. The criteria and competencies benchmarked were Talent Management Strategies, Employee Engagement Employee Benefits, Innovation in Recruitment Retention strategies, Equal opportunities for a Women Leaders and Strategies for a Millennials. The association has 550 employees widespread opposite a country.

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