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Tesla Model X Sets New Record, Tows a Boeing 787

Cars are a common mode of travel and a thought of these four-wheeled vehicles towing airplanes isn’t new to a world. The latest carmaker to join a list of automobile giants, that have managed to lift an aeroplane in a US formed EV maker, Tesla. Tesla’s Model X P100D has pulled a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner during a taxiway in Melbourne Airport during a broadside eventuality by Australian aircraft conduit Qantas. Volkswagen Touerag V10 TDI was one of a few cars to draw an airplane. It towed a Boeing 747 over a decade ago (2006) and set a new record for other cars to break. Ever given that stint, a garland of carmakers have attempted during leading a record and Nissan achieved a idea by pulling a gargantuan 170-tonne load craft in 2013.

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Joining a league, a renouned German brand, Porsche kick a record with a Cayenne S Diesel that pulled a 285-tonne Airbus A380 for 73 meters in 2017. Tata Motors’ robust SUV, Hexa was also seen towing a Boeing 737-800 in a video that flush online final year.

And now, Tesla Model X P100D has turn a initial prolongation electric automobile to draw a newcomer aircraft, as claimed by Qantas. With this, Tesla has set a new Guinness World Record for a heaviest draw (130 tonnes) finished by a prolongation electric car.

Talking about a Tesla Model X P100D’s automatic strength, a EV uses an electric engine with a limit outlay of 1,072Nm of torque. Compared to other models, that have also pulled airplanes successfully in a past, such as Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayene S Diesel, a Tesla Model X P100D offers distant some-more torque. That said, a VW Touareg V10 TDI is rated during 750Nm and a Porsche Cayenne S Diesel puts out 850Nm of tip torque.


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