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RFC India 2018 to be hold in Goa in July

Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. is gearing adult to flog start Season 5 of RFC India in Goa from 21st – 28th July, 2018. Around 41 teams from Kerela, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Haryana will be participating in a motoring event. There will be a women’s group also and for a initial time, teams from a North-Eastern state, Arunachal Pradesh will also take partial in a RFC India. Every group will have a motorist and a co-driver, these teams will commence 26 Special Stages (SS) or hurdles during a march of a competition.

The eventuality follows a indicate system, where a group with limit points during a finish of a foe claims a RFC India Champion title. The total advantages to a tip Indian motorist of RFC India 2018 will volume to USD 10,000, including an involuntary giveaway entrance value USD 3,900 to a RFC Mother Event, to be hold in Malaysia during a finish of a year.

Mr. Ashish Gupta, Founder and Director, Cougar Motorsport, said, “In a final 4 editions of RFC India, we have witnessed some well-developed offroading talent and we am assured that this trend will continue this year as well. It’s strenuous to see such a extensive response to RFC India 2018 registrations. We filled all a accessible slots within 72 hours of posting a registrations call on Facebook in February. we am shamed by a measureless adore acceptance from a whole offroading companionship and guarantee to move a better, worse and a some-more retaining foe this year.”

Cougar Motorsport, in organisation with Manabhum Off-roaders Club of Arunachal (MOCA), will control Rainforest Trophy (RFT) India, an impassioned off-roading journey expedition, in Arunachal Pradesh from 16th October to 20th October. It is a non-racing eventuality that was launched by a Rainforest Challenge Founder Luis J.A. Wee in Malaysia final year. RFT India is going to be identical in inlet to RFT Malaysia as good as a Borneo Safari.

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