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Mercedes-Benz India launches ‘Service on Wheels’ initiative

Mercedes-Benz has launched another innovative patron use charity for a impending buyers, named as ‘Service on Wheels’. The beginning comprises of a use lorry versed with all collection along with veteran use crew to attend patron cars, generally in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have a approach reach. On being notified, a mobile use lorry will revisit a customer’s area and lift out a inspection, repairs and use of a car, adding good value and preference to a customers. This beginning is partial of Mercedes-Benz’s use split plan underneath a ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ umbrella, launched in Jul 2016.

‘Service on Wheels’ is rarely customer-centric and tailor-made for a Indian market. The judgment is a outcome of a Business Innovation plan that is conceptualized by a employees of Mercedes-Benz India. It was launched by Mr. Roland Folger, Managing Director CEO and Mr. Santosh Iyer, Vice President-Customer Service, Retail Training and Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India in a pivotal marketplace of Amritsar today. The Phase we of ‘Service on Wheels’ will transport to 15 opposite Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets endeavour use associated mandate of business in a remaining months of a 2018.

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Speaking on a introduction of this patron use initiative, Roland Folger, Managing Director CEO, Mercedes-Benz India pronounced “With a ‘Go to Customer’ plan we keep exploring novel ways to make a tenure knowledge of a Mercedes-Benz delightful. This time round, we are probably going to a customer’s doorstep with a new initiative, ‘Service on Wheels.’ With this new offering, we can assure a customers, generally in cities over a vast metros, finish assent of mind when it comes to a tenure knowledge of their loving Mercedes-Benz. With a support of a play partners opposite a country, we are assured of implementing this innovative programme opposite markets.”

Further, he added, “Being a rarely customer-centric brand, a use doesn’t finish during a sale of a product; in fact a prolonged pleasant attribute only starts from there. ‘Service on Wheels’ is nonetheless another step towards a instruction of formulating use split in a oppulance automobile market, that is pivotal to marketplace success. As a leaders in a oppulance automobile segment, we lead from a front when it comes to delivering patron use value and ‘Service on Wheels’ is a organisation repetition of a joining to a valued patrons.”

‘Service on Wheels’ is an simply permitted mobile use centre for business where a Mercedes-Benz dealership is not accessible conveniently. The technical group in a use lorry inspects a automobile regulating a mobile lifting platform. Instances of a automobile check comprises lights, windscreen, wipers, stop discs/pads, leaks, battery, etc.

The ‘Service on Wheels’ lorry will lift out initial giveaway inspection, Service A and Service B. Specially lerned use advisors, Vehicle Preparation Centre technicians, sales advisors along with other support staff accompany a Mercedes-Benz ‘Service on Wheels’ lorry during any visiting location. The use will embody automobile health check-up regulating Xentry evidence tool, organic checks of automobile interior and extraneous system, checking oil and liquid level, oil and oil filter replacement, dirt filters replacement, leakages and indemnification checks in a automobile and in a engine compartment, poly V-belt, tyre health, and checking a condition of a axle, spindle joints, cessation struts and springs. Whereas for some-more heated correct work including Body and Paint works, a patron can also book seminar appointment during a ‘Service on Wheels’ by a Service Advisor. Additional elements of a mobile lorry use embody an disdainful lounge, where a business can wait in comfort while a investigation of a automobile takes place.

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