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Maruti Suzuki Launches ECSTAR 0W16 Engine Oil

Maruti Suzuki has extended a accessibility of ECSTAR oil code to a unchanging dealerships in a country. Previously, it was singular to NEXA use workshops usually though now it will be offering opposite all a Maruti Suzuki Arena workshops in a Indian market. The association also launched a new operation of engine oil 0W16 that is pronounced to be useful in shortening friction, ensuing in softened mileage and reduce CO2 emissions while ensuring engine durability. For those asking, ECSTAR is a tellurian code of lubricants, coolant and automobile caring products.

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Introducing ECSTAR operation of products to ARENA customers, Managing Director CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Mr. Kenichi Ayukawa said, “At Maruti Suzuki, we trust in providing a business with a best of record and convenience. And to safeguard best opening of Maruti Suzuki cars, we are now fluctuating ECSTAR portfolio to ARENA. ECSTAR oil is a absolute liniment that not usually enhances a opening of vehicles, though a optimal liniment formulation, also offers superb engine protection, that formula into prolonged life of a engine and softened fuel efficiency.” The engine oils go by some-more than 20 difficult tests with over 8000 hours during a engine turn and 160,000 kms of automobile turn contrast to validate gor ECSTAR brand.

ECSTAR code was introduced by Maruti Suzuki’s primogenitor Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan in 1984. In 2015, SMC promoted ECSTAR as a tellurian code of high peculiarity products. At present, a ECSTAR oil operation is widely marketed opposite Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia. The operation of ECSTAR products will be procured from name internal suppliers here. These suppliers will bear difficult tests to validate their products to be enclosed underneath ECSTAR umbrella. The ECSTAR product portfolio includes engine oils, coolants, involuntary delivery oil, automobile caring products and shade rinse for cars. More products are approaching to be combined to a operation during a after stage.

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