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Hyundai Motor to Develop Holographic AR Navigation

Hyundai Motor Company announced an investment into Swiss deep-tech startup WayRay AG, that is a new critical investment to assist a growth of holographic protracted existence (AR) navigation complement for a destiny models. Hyundai is aiming to exercise it to a mass-produced vehicles as early as 2020. This partnership will assistance Hyundai grasp a prophesy for destiny mobility, while providing drivers with a mint value, merging state-of-the-art visible record and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Speaking on this, Dr Youngcho Chi, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, said, “WayRay has conspicuous imagination in both hardware and program growth for holographic AR arrangement systems. The Hyundai-WayRay partnership will assistance us settle a code new eco-system that harnesses AR record to raise not usually navigation systems, though also settle an AR height for intelligent city and intelligent mobility, that are Hyundai Motor Group’s new business interests that will yield innovative patron experiences.”

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WayRay’s holographic AR solutions emanate a loyal protracted existence knowledge where practical objects are seamlessly integrated into a vehicle’s interior environment. Compared to required head-up displays (HUD) accessible in a market, WayRay’s record boasts a smaller projection complement that provides a clearer image, that can be commissioned in roughly any vehicle.

Its awfully far-reaching margin of perspective allows for displaying some-more practical objects during a gentle stretch for a driver’s eyes. It has no limitation in arrangement distance parameters, and can even plan a arrangement that covers a whole front windshield. The record can also be integrated with a vehicle’s side windows to yield passengers with a accumulation of infotainment services. Currently, there are no other technologies means of reaching those parameters and there are vast possibilities for how this record can be employed in a automobiles. Display of trade information on a highway by a windshield, so that a motorist can say their concentration on a highway forward and also yield softened pushing directions formed on a car’s speed, including real-time information about crosswalks, pedestrians, roads and warning signs. 

In future, if incorporated with unconstrained pushing record that is hyperconnected to a highway and adjacent vehicles, a record will be means to arrangement serve information about a surrounding sourroundings for a driver.

The Korean automobile manufacturer is expanding partnerships in several fields to serve strengthen core record critical to unconstrained pushing and try new business opportunities within intelligent city infrastructure.

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