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‘I’d like a shorter automobile with a bigger boot’

I expostulate a 2005 Toyota Corolla hatchback 1.3 petrol (bought 2008) with 140,000km. It has never indispensable anything solely an annual service. we wish to change before a age means some-more garage visits which, with a bustling pursuit and golfing habit, we don’t have time for.

Ideally I’d like a automobile with a bigger boot. we live tighten to Dublin city centre and have to park on a travel where parking is in demand, so a shorter automobile would be an advantage. On-street parking also means confidence considerations and manners out a plug-in EV.

I usually need dual seats and have deliberate a outpost though have listened they are damaged into some-more often. I’d like a aloft pushing position and am captivated to an SUV style. My other half (who doesn’t drive) is 6ft 2in and we have hired cars he doesn’t seem to fit in really well, withdrawal his conduct touching a ceiling. I’m 5ft 4in and some cars fit my brief legs and arms improved than others.

My bill is €20k including trade-in. My annual mileage is 10,000km (includes a 30km daily turn outing to work), especially city pushing and 80kmh zones. we like a thought of a hybrid though have listened they need some-more tools transposed in a lifetime than petrol, that puts me off if true.

Gillian: The days of shopping a outpost for private pushing are gone. It’s taxed as a private automobile and word might be tricky.

Let’s find a automobile that we will suffer pushing and your other half won’t feel like he’s in a cave. You will be tying choices if we go hybrid.

Battery deputy might be what we have listened about, though it’s not a going regard and shouldn’t put we off.

Around €20k will get a new Honda Jazz 1.3 ES. The front space is suitable for people over 6ft and shopping new gives we so many options for extras.

The MINI Countryman is also one that might suit. we know it sounds crazy, though it is a biggest MINI out there and a space in a front is in line with your requirements, trust it or not. It would be a provide for we after 10 years in a same car. Parking won’t be an emanate and it’ll be a fun 30km outing each day for you. A one to two-year-old would be in budget.

Eddie: The Jazz would be my recommendation too. It has good headroom and legroom and it’s easy to park.

I’d also demeanour during a Toyota Auris hybrid (seeing as you’re trade a Toyota) – it’s ample and economical.

Budget (including trade-in) is €25,000. Annual mileage 20,000km in comparison automobile (mix of rural/town) and 25,000 in categorical family automobile (mix of rural, city and motorway). Need five-seater for 3 adults and dual children ( aged 5 and nine) or one adult and 3 upholder seats when we have kids’ friends.

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