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‘I need a automobile for brief journeys and a propagandize run’

I expostulate a 152 Nissan Note. The PCP agreement is due to finish subsequent month. My stream mileage is usually underneath 10,000km/year. Family resources have altered recently and we need a automobile that has a good foot into that we can fit a child’s wheelchair, preferably on a side rather than upright. At a impulse we have to put a wheelchair behind a driver’s chair since it obscures a view.

The Note is valued during about €7,500, and my play has told me he will take it as a trade-in and source another automobile suitable for me.

Maximum bill would be €10,000 including a Note as a trade-in. we usually need a smallish automobile that has a foot that a wheelchair will fit. Generally, there is usually myself and my son (8) in a car.

We are unequivocally new to this whole area and wish his use of a wheelchair will be brief term. He is means to lay in an typical upholder seat. we do know that there are grants etc (refunds of VRT and other taxes), though we am not certain if we will validate so we need to extent my bill to what we can means during a moment.

The automobile we need is unequivocally for brief journeys/school run etc. The pushing we do is especially around a farming town, with occasional motorway trips.

Gillian: The initial one that comes to mind is Skoda Rapid. Opt for a 1.2 petrol. Your bill would get we into a 131/132 Ambition 60 chronicle though don’t order out a 141. Actually, a Skoda Roomster competence be usually what we need. A 151 1.2 Petrol Ambition would be in bill though bear in mind a Roomster was dropped during a finish of 2015, so it competence feel a small antiquated soon.

Did your Nissan play discuss a Pulsar to we as a subsequent move? The foot space is utterly impressive. A 142 should be usually in bill for a 1.2 SV model. If not, a XE spec should work.

Eddie: First off, all here during Motors wish a wheelchair requirement is brief term.

The final automobile I’d disciple would be a Skoda Rapid, so Gillian and we differ nonetheless again, though a Roomster is a good, if left-field, suggestion.

I consider a uninformed (petrol) Ford B-Max competence suit. It has been a bad seller, so there should be bargains out there. It has no executive pillar, that creates entrance and exit easy and opens adult a lot of space.

Also consider about a Honda Civic petrol. It has special seating/luggage combinations that give a lot of room and versatility.

Other than that, I’d trust a play to get we what suits, or I’d buy a new-as-possible Dacia Logan (estate) petrol – you’ll get a 151/152 for your budget. Loads of room and lots of (basic) automobile for your money.

Currently pushing an 08 Saab 9-3 though I’m finally in a position to dash out a bit. I’d really, unequivocally like a BMW 4-series Coupe or an Audi A5 though wouldn’t order out a BMW 3-series or Audi A4.

Generally, it’s usually me in a car, no kids, so 3dr wouldn’t means any issues.

I have a bill of around €25k to €30k. Is now a good time to buy or wait until a new year?

With all a new stories about diesels, is it smarter to buy a petrol? we do 15/20,000km/year.

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