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Hyundai Kona: new £19,750 diesel various added

Hyundai’s attack on a fast-growing compact SUV shred has grown serve with a introduction of a diesel several of a Kona.

The entry-level automobile is priced from £16,450, while a new several costs from £19,750. Its attainment means Hyundai’s compress SUV, a opposition to the Nissan Juke, now has a extensive operation along with a uninformed design.

The diesel automobile uses a 1.6 CRDi engine charity 113bhp or 134bhp, and drives a front wheels exclusively. The entrance cost is for entry-level SE cars, nonetheless a Kona, which shares a tallness with sister organisation Kia’s Stonic, comes in 5 trim levels: S, SE, Premium, Premium SE and Premium GT.

The Kona is also accessible with a choice of dual turbocharged petrol engines: a 115bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder section and a 123bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder unit.

Hyundai Kona Electric gets sub-£25,000 starting price

​The 1.0 enables a 0-62mph time of 12.0sec and a tip speed of 112mph. It produces 127lb ft of torque during 1500-4000rpm. The some-more absolute 1.6 has 174bhp with 195lb ft of torque during 1500-4000rpm. It can grasp 0-62mph in 7.9sec, with a tip speed of 127mph.

A six-speed primer and seven-speed dual-clutch involuntary are available, as is all-wheel expostulate — although front-wheel expostulate is standard. When propitious with a seven-speed ‘box, two motorist modes are offered: Normal and Sport, a latter of that binds onto gears for longer between shifts.

There is also a entirely electric chronicle of a Kona that, when a UK Government’s plug-in extend is applied, costs from £24,995.

In entry-level form, the Kona, which sits next the Santa Fe and Tucson in Hyundai’s SUV line-up, gets 16in amalgamate wheels, atmosphere conditioning and tour control, as good as a 5.0in LCD display and a DAB radio. Higher-spec models get 17in or 18in wheels and an 8.0in touchscreen complete with satellite navigation — all of that are optional for cheaper models.

​In some markets, a Kona will also be offered with a 2.0-litre MPI Atkinson engine, nonetheless this won’t be entrance to Europe.

Hyundai skeleton dual new SUVs, electric Kona

Fresh design: Hyundai’s new extraneous styling, imperishable looks

The Kona facilities a uninformed pattern for Hyundai, with a adoption of a marque’s new ‘cascading grille’ front. Hyundai says it is designed to combine high-tech looks with sophistication to interest to millennial buyers. The styling was grown during Hyundai’s Califonia facility.

Sangyup Lee, Hyundai’s conduct of styling, pronounced when a automobile was suggested late final year: “We wanted to emanate a sense that was strong. As a design, formulating an idol is a tough challenge. The altogether initial sense is about energetic character.”

There are slim daytime LED regulating lights positioned above a categorical headlights — a pattern identical to that of a Juke. The back of a Kona facilities wrap-around cladding that houses a indicator and reversing lights, slim LED back lights and a spoiler with an integrated LED stop light.

There are vast cosmetic areas — which Hyundai says are styled on “protective armour” — that extend over a circle arches to suggestion during a Kona’s off-roading capabilities. Roof racks are accessible as an extraneous option.

There are 10 colour options, with a two-tone roof adding some-more customisation.

Dimensions: sizing adult a Hyundai Kona

The Kona is 4165mm prolonged and 1800mm wide, with a tallness 1550mm. That creates it somewhat shorter and reduce than a Juke, though 35mm wider. The Kona’s 2600mm wheelbase is 70mm longer than a Juke’s.

The automobile has a belligerent clearway of 170mm to offer “a loyal SUV experience”. It features an all-steel body.

There are McPherson struts during a front. The two-wheel-drive model comes with a joined torsion beam, with a multi-link complement on a four-wheel-drive model. That all-wheel-drive automobile also comes with traction control.

Inside a Hyundai Kona: clutter-free cabin, uninformed infotainment and reserve tech

Hyundai’s designers have attempted to give a Kona’s interior a reward feel with a clutter-free cabin.

There is 1005mm of conduct room in a front, with 961mm in a rear. The Kona has a 361-litre boot, compared with a 354-litre foot in a Juke, athough the Kona’s limit ability is 1143 litres, 46 litres fewer than Nissan’s tiny SUV.

In a initial for Hyundai, a Kona is accessible with a Display Audio complement that facilities connected services, including smartphone syncing regulating Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. A wireless smartphone charging pad is accessible as an option. An eight-speaker sound complement by American audio organisation Krell is also accessible as an option.

In another Hyundai first, a Kona is accessible with a head-up arrangement that a organisation says has class-leading luminance.

In addition, a Kona is accessible with a series of active motorist assistance systems. These consolidate involuntary puncture braking, lane-keeping assist, rear-cross trade warning and blindspot detection.

European growth

“The all-new Kona is not only another automobile among Hyundai Motor’s determined SUV operation — it is an critical miracle on a tour to turn Asian automotive code series one in Europe by 2021,” pronounced Thomas Schmid, Hyundai Europe’s arch doing officer.

“With a loyal SUV genes, a on-going pattern and reward features, Kona reflects a lifestyle of complicated customers, enhancing a brand’s interest and attracting new customers.”

Opinion: because tellurian automobile firms adore SUVs

Peter Schreyer, trainer of pattern during Hyundai, said: “‘We worked tough to consolidate an fluent spirit. It’s untypical and unconventional. We’ve always wanted to do a compress automobile with emotion. It has a same impact as a clever espresso…”

Conceived as a tellurian car, a Kona will be practiced for any market. As good as different engine options, a ride, doing and cessation will be customised for several regions. 

The Kona is named after a coastal segment on Hawaii. It continues Hyundai’s trend of fixing crossover and SUV models after transport destinations, determined by a Tucson and Santa Fe.

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