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Hyundai i30 N Fastback prototype: initial drive

If a i30N hatchback is a tearaway, a i30 Fastback N is a some-more careful sibling. A small some-more sophisticated, and endangered with character as many as opening – nonetheless a engineers insist it’s still fun to drive.

Weight is adult ever so slightly, nonetheless a powertrains are totally unchanged. The 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine is accessible in dual states of tune, producing 247 or 271bhp. The usually gearbox choice is a six-speed manual.

The automobile tested here is a pre-production antecedent in Performance Package spec. That means it uses a some-more manly engine and also gets a singular trip differential, 19-inch wheels, bigger brakes, Pirelli P Zero tyres and a switchable exhaust. 

The automobile will make a open entrance during a Paris engine uncover this autumn before going on sale in a UK in Feb subsequent year. The many apparent cultured disproportion between this indication and a informed i30N induce will clearly be that roofline, nonetheless we will notice a handful of other styling changes once a camo hang is peeled away. 

What’s a i30 Fastback N like? 

There is usually so many that can be gleaned about a automobile from a singular discerning path of a circuit – even one as prolonged as a Nurburgring Nordschleife – nonetheless what is extravagantly transparent is that by posterior a somewhat some-more agreeable and polished set of dynamics, Hyundai’s engineers have not done a i30 Fastback N routine or routine to drive. In fact, out on a Nordschleife it isn’t any reduction stirring than a hatchback i30 N. 

Much like a hatchback version, a i30 Fastback N is really easy to expostulate during 90 per cent of a opening intensity from a initial mile onwards, nonetheless to get anywhere a final few commission points would take time, laxity and copiousness of consideration. That gives a automobile a really clear interest right opposite a house – beginners, a some-more gifted and Nurburgring wizards alike. 

The Pirelli P Zero tyres beget lots of grip, draining into assuage understeer during a limit. Even then, there’s adequate adjustability in a framework that a whole pushing knowledge on lane isn’t wholly one dimensional. In fact, a i30 Fastback N, like a hatchback, has a pretty sharp-witted and interesting balance. You can tell by a pedal weights, and how good they compare adult with a chuck of a gearshift and a steering response, that Hyundai’s engineers have lavished caring and courtesy onto a critical details. This is no half-baked effort.

The firmest cessation mode is a small too intractable for a rough lane like a Nurburgring. The automobile tends to rebound and skip around, nonetheless even so there are occasions when a physique squirms and fidgets around, a cessation not utterly means to keep a straight army in check. The automobile feels tough and infrequently oppressive in that check setting, nonetheless physique control still isn’t totally iron-fisted. That, some-more than anything else, is what distinguishes a i30 Fastback N from a hatchback indication on circuit. We’re articulate margins, though. 

The heftiest steering mode is somewhat too weighty, nonetheless a middle environment is really good judged. You get a good thought of how tough you’re operative a front tyres and a rate of steering response is wholly intuitive. The singular trip differential, meanwhile, is effective though creation a front finish so shaken and darty that we wish it wasn’t there.

Instead, we only get really good traction and a honeyed clarity of a automobile being hauled out of corners a impulse we open a throttle. 

Elsewhere, a gearshift is discerning and direct, nonetheless a pedals could be improved spaced for heel-and-toe shifts – there is a really good rev compare function, however – and a engine is clever though ever feeling rampantly absolute a approach a Honda Civic Type R’s engine can do. A pity, though, that a Hyundai’s 271bhp pile is a small prosaic and lacking in energy. At slightest stifle response is sharp. 

We will have to wait until we expostulate a automobile in a UK to contend for certain, nonetheless it wouldn’t be during all irrational to design a somewhat some-more agreeable i30 Fastback N to be improved matched to a bumpy, potholed roads. A effect of creation this indication some-more gentle competence nonetheless be that it’s indeed some-more fun to expostulate than a tightly-wound i30N hatchback on a hilly tarmac. 

Initial impressions of a i30 Fastback N

If a i30 Fastback N is as attractive as a people who are paid to contend good things about it tell us it is, it could good be a discerning i30 of choice. It’s a singular concept, too; a presumably stylish four-door coupe with genuine prohibited induce opening and dynamics, during an affordable cost indicate (there is no reliable price, nonetheless it will be really identical to a that of a i30N hatchback). 

There is copiousness of guarantee here and Hyundai’s N opening multiplication is entrance along really easily indeed. We will see serve high opening Hyundais in a entrance years, nonetheless not accurately a flurry of them, and a small after on there will even be a purpose-built Hyundai N halo car. For now, that is all we’re being told.

Hyundai i30 N Fastback specification

Where Nurburgring, Germany Price TBC (£28,000 estimated) On sale Feb 2019 Engine 1998cc, four-cylinder, turbo, petrol Power 271bhp during 6000rpm Torque 260lb ft during 1500-4700rpm Gearbox Six-speed manual Kerb weight 1450kg (est) Top speed 155mph 0-62mph 5.9secs Fuel economy 39mpg CO2 163g/km Rivals Honda Civic Type R, Volkswagen Golf GTI

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