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Hyundai Grandmaster Concept Hints during Large SUV

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After neglecting a crossover difficulty for too long, Hyundai is finally stuffing out a lineup with a new Kona and updated versions of a Tucson and Santa Fe. At a Busan automobile uncover in Korea today, Hyundai showed off a judgment SUV that hints during another new entry.

We consternation if this concept, dubbed HDC-2 Grandmaster, previews a new three-row crossover Hyundai skeleton to launch. This indication will container above a Santa Fe with seating for adult to 8 passengers. As we formerly reported, this automobile could strike a marketplace in 2019.

The Grandmaster judgment takes pattern cues from a new Santa Fe, formerly named a Santa Fe Sport. But Hyundai clearly took liberties when it came to a pattern of a wheels, taillights, and side windows. The concept’s name comes from a diversion of chess, in that a champion is called a grandmaster. “The judgment automobile is named to prove that only as a sum of all chess pieces completes a diversion of chess, all stirring Hyundai vehicles will come to form a agreeable automobile choice demonstrating a Hyundai Look while any maintains particular impression and role,” a automaker pronounced in a press release.


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It sounds like a judgment signals a new altogether pattern instruction for some-more than one Hyundai model. Hyundai says that, along with a new Le Fil Rouge judgment car, a Grandmaster carries a new pattern thesis “Sensuous Sportiness,” that will be practical to a automaker’s destiny sedans and SUVs.

Source: Hyundai

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