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How To Bring New Life To Old Wheels

First, silt a wheels with a difficult courage sandpaper. we used my energy sander, though in a past, I’ve finished this by palm as well. One time we even had entrance to a sandblasting box, that constructed a best results. Whatever process we use, this will hit all of a lax pieces of a flaky finish off and well-spoken out a edges between unclothed steel and a finish that still sticks. In my experience, sanding a whole circle down to unclothed steel is not necessary, generally if you’re not entering a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance anytime soon. Make certain we silt in all a small nooks and crannies as well. I’m advantageous that these are elementary five-spoke wheels. I’d give adult on difficult BBS basketweave character wheels before we began.

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