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Honda UK shows Civic R Pickup Concept

Honda has showcased a Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept in England roughly a year after a launch of a customary highway car.

Built by a dilettante group from a Product Engineering dialect during a Honda of a UK Manufacturing (HUM) bureau in Swindon and codenamed ‘Project P’, a Civic Type R Pickup Truck has been mutated and grown from a customary highway automobile to emanate potentially one of a fastest pickup trucks on UK roads.

To emanate a Project P concept, a group used a pre-production chronicle and blending a pattern rearwards from a B-pillars of a car, with unconditional lines from a roofline to a behind stealing a flatbed loading area in a centre of a automobile where a back seats and foot space would routinely be.

Finished in Rallye Red, a judgment retains a iconic back wing compared with both a FK2 and FK8 Civic Type R, which, in a crafty square of engineering, is mobile to concede approach and unobstructed entrance to a back of a truck.

Using a same powertrain, cessation and gearbox as a customary highway car, it is estimated Project P will finish a 0-100 km/h scurry in underneath 6 seconds and strech a tip speed of over 165 mph.

It also possesses a same pushing modes of comfort, Sport and +R, Project P charity both float comfort as good as a singular racing capability on track.

Civic Type R Pickup TruckCivic Type R Pickup Truck

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