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Honda, GM to rise electric car batteries together

Honda and General Motors concluded Thursday to work together in building batteries for electric vehicles, especially for a North American market.

The companies will combine formed on GM’s next-generation battery system, both sides said. That will concede both manufacturers to continue to keep graphic products, while saving on costs for customers, they said.

Detroit-based GM and Tokyo-based Honda already work together on fuel-cell vehicles, that are zero-emission and run on a energy combined when hydrogen fuel combines with oxygen in a atmosphere to furnish water.

They have a production joint-venture to furnish a hydrogen fuel-cell complement in 2020, including perplexing to make fuel-cells and hydrogen storage some-more affordable. They also both have electric vehicles in their indication lineup.

Pressure is flourishing on automakers to turn some-more environmentally accessible as good as rise other record for vehicles such as semi-autonomous driving.

Nissan, one of a leaders in electric vehicles, is operative with partner Renault of France on electric car technology, while Toyota is operative with Japanese opposition Mazda.

“This new, multi-year agreement with Honda serve demonstrates General Motors’ capability to innovate toward a essential electric portfolio,” pronounced Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice-president.

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