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Hey VW: Share your skateboard and change a world

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen AG’s new CEO, has a lot on his image — generally for a man who’s new in a pursuit and has been during VW for reduction than 3 years.

But with that caveat, I’d like to advise to Professor Doctor Diess a intensity industry-altering — maybe world-altering — plan that, if implemented, competence go a prolonged approach toward restoring Volkswagen’s good name in a arise of unconditional diesel emissions violations and altering a adverse economics that have kept electric vehicles from being some-more widely adopted. The timing couldn’t be better: German officials slapped a automaker with a $1.18 billion excellent on Wednesday for a emissions scandal.

It boils down to 3 words: Share a skateboard.

The “skateboard” is Volkswagen’s shining MEB platform, a pattern that will underpin a automaker’s EVs around a globe, including those over a Volkswagen brand.

MEB — that will entrance in a United States in 2020 with a crossover formed on a I.D. Crozz — allows Volkswagen Group designers extended coherence to pattern engaging tip hats to insert above a 4 wheels, electric engine (or motors) and battery pack. The German automaker believes a inner commoditization of battery electrics — building all of a tellurian EVs on a same set of skeleton — will concede a vehicles to do something few EVs have done: spin a profit.

Which is accurately because Diess and Volkswagen should share or permit MEB plainly with other automakers.

I sojourn doubtful of EVs for a accumulation of reasons, though arch among them is a vehicles’ inability to contest on a cost basement with normal hoary fuel-powered propulsion. Until that changes, there’s small proclivity for automakers to rise products that few consumers are peaceful to buy.



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