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Here’s What’s Really Going On With Tesla Nixing a ‘Critical’ Model 3 Brake Test

Tesla finally reached a long-promised idea of building 5,000 new Model 3s per week during a finish of June, and like with many Big Deals, there were a few asterisks floating around above a fanfare. Some gaunt on a existential side, open questions about a company’s destiny that a singular met prolongation idea can’t answer. And afterwards there was this nugget, initial reported by Business Insider: during that final demoniac week, CEO Elon Musk allegedly told his engineers to embankment a “critical” braking exam on a Tesla Model 3 in sequence to get adequate cars out a door…err, tent flap.

That’s positively an eye-catching headline, even by a clicky customary of many Tesla-related stories. It was corroborated adult by acknowledgment from an apparently endangered spectator within a Tesla factory, and screenshots of a mechanism complement that reportedly showed a attention customary brake-and-roll test—designed to exam a car’s acceleration and tough braking—had been deemed non-critical by a company. A few quotes from an outward consultant dogmatic it an unsafely cut corner, and voila, another square exposing a error lines during Tesla.

As is mostly a box on a internet, that title breed other headlines (including one on this website), all with a same context-free word cluster. And as is also often a case, that blank context is what creates a story a sorcery counterpart for a approach we speak about Tesla. We see what we wish to see. It’s possibly acknowledgment that a association unequivocally is in apocalyptic straits, or that a inequitable media unequivocally has it out for Musk and his bootstrapping ways. Middle ground? Not where we’re going.

Yet that’s accurately where we need to be to know this story. It starts with a clever review of a strange piece, that asserts a brake-and-roll exam was incidentally forsaken for “unclear” reasons in a same week as a large prolongation push. Yet Tesla orator Dave Arnold offers a flattering simple reason in his eager come-back serve down in a piece: that specific braking exam is indeed surplus since a association is still putting each Model 3 on a earthy exam lane as shortly as it rolls off a line, giving engineers an equal possibility to exam a brakes.

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