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Here’s How Mercedes-Benz Encased A 1979 G-Class in 52 Tons of Amber Resin

The strange Mercedes-Benz G-Class was an working dinosaur in automotive world, soldiering on mostly unvaried for scarcely 4 decades after a introduction in a late Seventies. But with a all-new 2019 indication elaborating onto a scene, Mercedes wanted to applaud and safety a DNA in a many wise approach possible—by encasing an strange 1979 Geländewagen in over 50 tons of amber-colored resin. Y’know, like a certain cane-topping mosquito.

“Stronger Than Time,” as a plan is titled, caused utterly a stir when it was suggested during a 2018 Detroit Auto Show behind in January. Some desired a Jurassic Park reference, others suspicion it was a rubbish of a ideally good truck, though everybody wondered only how a association managed to postpone a G-Wagen in a ideal cube. Well, a new behind-the-scenes video answers all your blazing questions.

Working in a trickery that looks some-more like a dino-DNA lab than an art studio, a group hoisted a car into a air, sloping it on a side, and dangling it in a large, cube-shaped cover with open sides. Then a prolonged flow began, with over 10,000 gallons of creosote stuffing a space around a lorry covering by perfected covering as side panels were solemnly built adult around it to act as a mold.

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