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‘Harvester’ Could Transform Any US Air Force C-130 Into A Nuke Sniffing Plane

Still, Harvester-equipped C-130s won’t be means to totally reinstate a WC-135s. The podded complement can’t collect and investigate chief gases, that a Constant Phoenix jets can do with their incomparable sampling system. There is a apart Modular Whole Air Airborne Collection System (M-WACS) in a works that could give a aircraft this additional capability, though it is misleading when it will be operational.

Even so, a C-130s also don’t fly high or quick enough, or have a altogether range, to perform a kind of sampling required to support AFTAC’s primary goal of monitoring correspondence with a Limited Test Ban Treaty and other chief arms control agreements, Susan Romano, a mouthpiece for a center, told Defense News. Harvester is unequivocally improved matched to fill a capability opening between a some-more able systems on a incomparable WC-135s and a some-more singular suites on smaller platforms, such as a National Nuclear Security Agency’s bound wing and helicopter-mounted Aerial Measuring System (AMS) and a Environmental Protection Agency’s Airborne Spectral Photometric Environmental Collection Technology (ASPECT) aircraft.

As such, a Harvester-equipped C-130s will also assistance giveaway adult a WC-135s for missions that truly need their some-more endless sampling systems. And together, a dual forms of aircraft will enhance a Air Force’s altogether ability to perform this critical mission.

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