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Goodyear Answers Brad Keselowski’s Criticism of NASCAR Tire for Michigan Race

Keselowski was one of a drivers who participated in a two-day tire exam during Michigan International Speedway in Apr while scheming for a FireKeepers Casino 400. After a test, Goodyear and NASCAR chose a tire multiple directed during quicker wear and reduction feverishness build-up.

“Michigan was paved not too many years ago and a lane still has a lot of grip, so we have to be responsive of that and a speeds a Cup cars are using when we make a tire recommendation,” Stucker pronounced in a press recover from Goodyear. “We tested during Michigan this open with a voiced vigilant of looking during right-side tire temperatures, and came divided with a good devalue that will wear some-more and run cooler. We also were means to refurbish a left-side construction and go with a devalue on that side of a automobile that will wear some-more as well.”

During his media accessibility during MIS on Friday, Keselowski continued his position of non-support for a Michigan tire compound.

“I only didn’t like my name on a press release,” Keselowski said. “I like Greg Stucker and Goodyear a lot, though we didn’t like my name on a press release, since we felt it was an publicity to something that we didn’t endorse. we didn’t validate a preference to move this tire here, and we didn’t wish my name trustworthy to that.”

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